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The five signs of diabetes that you find are worth checking


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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases, the first signs that some patients could not even know. However, it is just the rapid diagnosis of the disease that is very important and can help to prevent complications.
Celebrating World Diabetes Day, professionals are more reminiscent of helping the disease to recognize this disease and the notes, but the best way to make sure to measure blood sugar and consult with doctor.
Elva Ramaškienė, a chemist at Eurovision, indicates that early diagnosis is important for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as the result of the delay is just as painful in both cases. Type I diabetes, type I, is much more prominent and more well-known, and this is type II – it can calm quietly for several years.


"The first type of diabetes is diagnosed when human immunity starts to kill pancreatic cells that produce insulin. It usually affects young people, up to about 35-40 years old, often diagnosed with children and young people This can lead to a legacy, but not only, the reasons are different. The second type of diabetes is usually determined by the a human way of life, the disease or its complications. It's more common in the elderly, "said E. Ramaškienė.
According to the pharmacist, the symptoms of the first type of diabetes are quite obvious and seem fairly fast. The first five symptoms include high levels of thirst, excessive urination, higher fatigue, weakness and obvious weight loss. After some time there is another notable sign – acetone aroma starts to start in the mouth.
But type II diabetes seems less explicit. Symptoms of diabetes mellitus are very similar, but are not as active. And, unlike type 1 diabetes, weight gain in this case usually increases, obesity, too much weight recording.
"The first to diagnose diabetes is the more serious the complications and the most serious it is. A large proportion of people with type 2 diabetes suffer from cardiovascular disease because they are too late for a doctor Although this type of diabetes, when punctuating punctuates, it is still possible to completely restore the body ", – notes E. Ramaškienė.
According to her, complications often affect not only the vascular system, but also a vision, nerves and kidneys, and thus have the best doubt, check and consult doctors in time.

Check – for everyone

In the case of doubt, it is better to determine at the blood sugar level. This is important to everyone, especially those with family history of illness, as well as people overweight and older people.
"Older people often have problems with liver, pancreas, cardiovascular diseases, these diseases promote diabetes mellitus. The other cause of the disease is a low activity, when the sugar starts to accumulate in the body and in break down so fast, "- differentiate the pharmacist.
E. Ramaškienė states that diabetes can end with very severe flu complication. If flu symptoms are unclear and flu free, it is worthwhile to find out what is causing them.
Every year in November, healthcare organizations and organizations are traditionally more active in inviting them to release their blood and see their blood sugar.
Last year, this campaign was held in the four main cities of Lithuania, on a "Eurovaist" network initiative from drug addiction and people uniting people with diabetes.
The results showed that more than 1,000 people at random, more than a dozen high-risk patients, need to be sent out immediately to GPs for advice.
Blood sugar can be checked free of charge this year on November 17-18 at the largest drug stores at Akropolis supermarkets in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.
E. Ramaškienė notes that special training is not required, but it is advised not to eat before checking, as some food products may affect glucose levels in the blood.

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