Saturday , May 28 2022

The electron is still around and blocks the science


Usually, pictures are provided as ideal balls. However, this imagination appeals aesthetically crossing quantum physics laws. However, the "damage" of the electron form is still not possible.

At the end of last month, the Upper Cold Electron Electric Electron Moment Moment experiment was held in Harvard last month. But because its essence and its results are not easy to interpret, the media is infortunate. The researchers again tried to "see" and measure the shape of the electron, but the accuracy of the instruments was not enough and, therefore, the electron continues "round".

The electron is still around and blocks the science

Initially, the electron was created as a space point, without the structure and shape, but with clear negative pay. Subsequently, in the development of science, it was still a small angular momentum and a small magnetic field, which caused the problem. To find a magnetic field, you need two different poles, although they are slightly different from each other. That is to say, electrons must even have the smallest diameter in particle physics, this parameter is called a dipoleonic electric moment (EDM).

The size and form of the electron depends on EDM. For example, it may look like a pear or rugby ball. The standard model predicts that this is the case – even theoretical EDM value is calculated: 10-38cm To approve the unit, and even better, to deny it in practice, and get new data. Unfortunately, although Harvard physicists are able to measure unmarried EDM 10-29cm, but one "see" is just a circle. The official official electron is round, even though it is a paradox.

Why is that frustrated? To form electron in a complex form, it has to be possible to act so far for anatomic anonymous particles, which are very easy to find – at least confirm that they actually exist and affect and micro-faith. In addition, the standard model that describes electronic EDM is full of spaces, and physics have been a long time dream since a theoretical reason to reject its formal formulas to offer new models and theories. Unfortunately, the electron is still around.

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