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Teachers' salaries increased by more than 110 euros –


The average salary of teachers in this school year has increased by more than 110 euros, or almost 14 per cent, compared to last year, reaching 934 Eur without deducting taxes, according to the Ministry of Education and Science. According to her, a suitable analysis of teachers' pay in general education schools shows that salaries have increased by 70%. teachers.

"One of the main aims of the remuneration is fair social pay, which aims to reduce pupil achievement. A offsetting aim is also to create more attractive conditions for young professionals to come to work at school and to receive adequate recognition. In the dog period, it is important to balance the teachers' load. We now monitor the situation in Lithuanian schools in detail, there is a task for co-ordination, which is all analysis Data received and formulating proposals on how to improve the whole system. Since the second September school, the second phase of the postgraduate career is waiting for us, so we need to improve this system as it said more Minister, Education and Science Jurgita Petrauskienė said.

According to the MES, salary growth is recorded in the city and in the countryside. In different boroughs, teachers' pay for general education schools rose by 5%. up to 31 percent Payments for Kaunas and Vilnius teachers increased by 16%, Klaipėda – 11%, Šiauliai – 9%, Panevezys – 5%. The most in payment of teacher teacher's fees has registered in the Širvintos area – 31%, in the borough of Rietavas – 25%, in the Kalvarija area – 24%, in Jurbarkas, Prienai r. – 22%, Vilnius area – 21%.

The analysis uses salary data for September, and redefines a large amount of urban funds after paying the first salary, which is why the situation in the coming months should improve. The intention is to analyze changes in wages during the rest of the months this year.

From 2019 In September, during the second phase of the post, as announced by the MES, additional money will be allocated to pay extra hours for teachers, even average salary growth will be.

According to a statement to the press of the MES, so far only 5%. teachers had 36 hours workload per week, even 30% teachers worked less than half full time (18 hours). Only for lessons that were paid, prepare for them and for correcting pupils' work. Teachers receive a reward for other activities as they move to the remuneration model. Assessment of teacher loads provided by schools (to date, approximately 16.3,000 teacher loads), 75 per cent. The proportion of general education teacher training has increased. Total lessons taught by 14 percentage points decreased (from 70 to 56 per cent). Therefore, a large proportion of teachers have reduced the number of contact hours, but have increased overall and, at the same time, received an award. At present, in the city's schools, average teachers have 0.8 average, while in rural schools – 0.7.

The training system is good for beginners. In this school year, 27% of teachers under the age of 30 work full time, that is, they have a full-time job. 2016 only 2 per cent worked full time. young teachers in 2017 – 7%

Young teachers' salaries also increased. The average salary of teachers who have just started working at the age of 30 this year is 836 Eur, compared to a last year's increase of 166 Euros. In the 31-40 age group, the average salary this year was 931 Eur, compared to last year's increase of 129 Eur. In other age groups, an increase of 57 to 107 Eur is recorded.

Along with the full-time model, introducing a new job as a starter teacher, young teachers, even small schools, have the opportunity to create a sufficient workload. It is expected that better working conditions and increasing pay for schools will help attract more young teachers. Last year, young teachers were only 3 per cent. every teacher.

Since the introduction of the full-time teacher payments model, from September the teachers' pay fund has increased by 17.4 million. euro

The final presentation of the standard model has been scheduled for 2019. September Total by 2020 The state intends to allocate LTL 95 million to teacher salaries. This will allow teachers' salaries to increase by 20% on average.

According to the MES, the average salary of teachers in 2016 was 783 euros, in 2017 – € 822, in 2018 – € 934.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science

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