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Seimas ignores international observers' warnings


Obviously, committees, as well as parties, may be assumed to be pollution, there are growing doubts that political faces are just a stimulus, and through committees there seems to be a lot of incredible political money. However, despite this, Seimas sought amendments to the Civic Election Law this week, which would allow the parties, at least 35 days before the elections, formation of coalition with electoral committees. Law change had to be implemented after the start of the official municipal electoral campaign.

Mayor Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) came to officially announce it will begin March 3 next year. local election campaign 2015 The former Liberal Movement was held as Mayor R.Šimašių. Now this party has climbed into a pollution scandal and found it on the bottom pool. R.Šimašius left the liberal ring and repeats his hope in the list of a public election committee "For Vilnius we are proud of it".

According to the CEC, in the municipal elections that will come with political parties there will be about 200 public electoral committees of this type.

"The second question is, where the form of citizens is about managing their country and their towns, townships. It is important that this form is truly democratic and reflects the will of the people," said R.Shimašius .

According to the CEC, in the municipal elections that will come with political parties there will be about 200 public electoral committees of this type. In 2015 the elections raised their candidates from more than 50 electoral committees on the countryside side of the country.

The mayor raised by public figures earned in Kaunas, Alytus, Panevėžys and Šiauliai. It was anticipated that the society would be more actively driven to the vote, and that non-regional activities would be more transparent. But now the question is seriously questioned – the first signal came from Panevezys, when the Ryta Mykolas Račkauskas Mayor's Special Inquiry Service, who was elected by the electoral committee "Povilas Urbysys KARTU", and looking for evidence in the public places.

CEC member, Vilius Semeška, realizes that the activities of official election commissions are currently starting when they register with CEC, and the polling day is come to an end. From that point, the candidates raised by committees, unlike parties, have no obligation to report to voters.

"The parties have a strict structure, there are ethics committees, supervisory committees that assess the activities of members of the party, their misconduct, as well as severe financial reporting, sources of funding for political parties. Unfortunately, at the end of the electoral process, institutions, foundations and societies are often established, their activities are not regulated in any way, "said V. Semeška.

Yosvydo Elinsko / 15 minute picture / Vily Smesška

Yosvydo Elinsko / 15 minute picture / Vily Smesška

Officially, election commissions, like the parties, can not get business support, but this ban is much easier for publishers to be waived.

The "White Guves" electoral observation organization has counted 58 electoral committees, 19 of them and permanent associations or other public organizations coincide. Of these, even 8 did not submit reports to the Registers Center.

There are reservations that money for electoral committees can flow through public institutions of the same name. Such allegations led to the "Kaunas Unedig" association, set up by Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijositis, who was responsible for political advertising of the same name by the electoral committee in the media.

"After 2015 the municipal councils CEC recorded cases where the political advertisements of members and the established public election committee were financed by a public currency account of the same name, which was recorded as a breach, accordingly, said the election deposit was not returned for that public electoral committee, "said Laura Matjošaitytė, CEC President.

Politicians, independent election observers, have already said that there is a need to establish a playground for each member of municipal elections.

Ramūnas Karbauskis, Rima Baškienė and Naglis Puteikis, representing the Folklore Green Group, are already offering a more radical option to allow electoral committees to form an election coalition with parties.

Electoral observers believe that attempts to join one-party and one-time electoral committees will further disclose the parties to the gray conflict zone.

"At the same time, this would not be so transparent to fund the parties. This would, in our opinion, agree with this suggestion if the old problems were first solved. All the electoral committees and their associated organizations declare their interconnects first and also declare their money, as well as where the money comes, "said spokeswoman for" White Glove ", Gabriel Grubinsk.

Professor Tom Janeliūnas ensures that, in deciding to take such a step, the Seimas is at risk of spoiling the party's system in general.

"This is a bad idea, because it undermines parties consolidation further, and the most likely politicians will look for those gaps and opportunities to take part in the elections with little effort as possible, with even less control. Ultimately, the result will be that the parties will not be busy now acting on a regional scale in the way they have been working so far, "said Professor Dr Williams of University of Vilnius, Institute of International Relations and Political Science. T.Janeliūnas.

This week, in the voting on the formation of a coalition, the Sejm did not have votes, but this question is returned. The former CEC chairman and former Constitutional Court judge speak with one voice that the start of the municipal election campaign is a real time to change the rules of the game.

Sigismund Gedwil / A 15 minute photo / Zenonas Vaigauskas

Sigismund Gedwil / A 15 minute photo / Zenonas Vaigauskas

"There have been a number of comments from international observers, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Venice Commission, such recommendations as good electoral practices, that one year before the electoral laws should be stable," said pre- chairman of the CEC in 1994-2017. Zenonas Vaigauskas.

"The Constitution reinforces the principle of legal justice and justice, which in this case would also mean that election rules can not be changed after the start of the election campaign", – said the Constitutional Court judge in 1999-2008 . Dr. Vytautas Sinkevičius.

Seimas himself is committed not to change the rules before the election, but this law comes into force in 2020, while electoral law makers have so far hiding him to coincide with & # 39; or model. And it seems that it is not so important that they are endangered to ban the main law of the country, ignoring the Council of Europe's Venice Commission and the recommendations of international OSCE observers.

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