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Second Eurovision is semifinal – what will go to the finals?

A few hours before the Eurovision second Eurovision in 2019, Eurodiena looked again at betting results tonight. Also, our speculation was provided to be updated by our team.

What do bettans say?

Unlike the first semifinals, this time the bettians are basically gaining access to as many as five nations finals – the likelihood of Sweden, Russia, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan & # Switzerland between 91-94%. All of these countries, except Azerbaijan, have been held in high esteem for a few months, and the chances of the Caucasian country's representative have already improved during rehearsals.

Near these countries, I have been impressed by Malta's exercises, most of the pigeons left over and Norway. In the eighth position, this year, the Swedish team were helped by North Macedonia, and his performance also impressed, not to mention Tamara's excellent vocal abilities.

Ninth site – Armenia. The semi-finished party left a few places during the rehearsal week, but Srbuk would still have to go into the finals, according to bettors. Well, Denmark has now completed the top ten.

Two countries have a small difference from Denmark: Romania and Albania. During these exercises, in essence, these countries have exchanged places and now the betters give Ester Peony more hope.

The 13th position is the 11th position of Austria last week. Yuri Veklenko, a Lithuanian representative who has now fallen to the four-fold place, has overtaken him. The hopes of our country of suspicious appreciation of bets through the time – Lithuania was not elevated above twelve.

At the bottom of the betting table is Moldova, Croatia, Latvia and Ireland. Since starting the exercises, Moldova has made a significant leap that could have been caused by an event that might be of interest to the audience, but the final is not predictable for this country still.

It is worth noting in the first semifinals, that the bets are right for eight countries – Hungary was quite confident and the Portuguese spokesman left the exercises during the exercises, with Belarus and San Marino taking their seats.

Predicting bets before the first semi-final (based on Bet365, Unibet, William Hill, Boyle Sports): t

  1. Sweden
  2. Russia
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Switzerland
  6. Malta
  7. Norway
  8. North Macedonia
  9. Armenia
  10. Denmark
  11. Romania
  12. Albania
  13. Austria
  14. Lithuania
  15. Moldova
  16. Croatia
  17. Latvia
  18. Ireland

What does Eurodiena say?

The views of our editors have changed compared to the predictions a few weeks ago. The biggest leap, in our opinion, was made by North Macedonia, rising from the tenth position to the sixth. It's probably the biggest concern was the appearance of this country, but the delegation seems to have done a lot of homework.

After exercises, how badly we value our country's opportunities. The work is fun and worthy of the finale, but strong competitors and lack of bright moments can hurt Yuri. Indeed, extensive audience support and minimalism and the excellent voice of the Lithuanian performer evaluated by the commission can actually change this situation.

Our editors have also been more skeptical about the wonders of Malta and Armenia, but these countries, according to Eurodiene, should still enter the final. After practice, we believe that Austria has a good performance in the finals. We have full agreement with voters for countries that we probably don't see in the finals – not only are Latvia and Ireland undermined by a lack of exclusivity, but also through early release numbers.

We would like to remind you that in the first semifinal we were right about eight countries – replaced Belarus and San Marino Poland and Hungary, who had to compete in the finals.

Eurodiena Team Predict Against Second Semifinals:

1. The Netherlands
2. Sweden
3. Russia
4. Azerbaijan
5. Switzerland
6. North Macedonia
7. Norway
8. Malta
9. Denmark
10-12. Armenia *
10-12. Albania *
10-12. Lithuania *
13. Austria
14. Romania
15. Croatia
16. Moldova
17. Ireland
18. Latvia

It's worth remembering that this is just a guess of different factors, but Eurovision is surprised every year and we will discover in a few hours that ten countries will be in the final!

* Lithuania, Armenia and Albania were in the same position, assuming that the final final was possible.

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