Monday , July 4 2022

"Scanorama" – Premiere or movie Lithuanian "Get Out From Home"


On Monday night, Scanorama watched inspirational tourists. Lithuanian first first production – the first film directed by Miglė Satkauskaitė was presented "Exit the Home" – at the festival.

The main figure of a young director's documentary is the mountainous traveler of Algimantas Jucevičius. He said once: "The biggest victory is to get out of the house." Algimantas Jucevičius inspired hundreds of people to leave the comfort zone and widen their horizons. The film was created by the A. Jucevičius campaign to the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. The creative team crews join the mountains and try to identify Algimantas's unusual personality, to understand its attitude to risk, extreme situations, losing friends, and understanding its deep wisdom.

Film director Miglė Satkauskaitė, along with producer Rasa Miškinis and producer of the Simonas Naudis movie idea, welcomes the premiere in the "Movie Club", where they told them behind The eyes of the creative team and the lessons learned.

In order to smooth the mountains shooting, the team was intense for several months: learning how to learn hill techniques, knotted knots, training intensely – good physical preparation for this project was less important than & Appropriate technique. And it was also necessary to plan it with extreme care, as there were places where everything had to be taken on your shoulders.

"We thoroughly calculate everything – even batteries and other small things. I'm delighted that our video operator Saulius Lukoševičius and the audio activist Augustinas Bėkšta have stood on the challenge and we have been able to avoid extreme situations. The movie has many more themes than mountains and travelers. It's a story about the spirit of the team, for inspirational leadership. At the same time, when you're tired, hungry, and relax, faces and Real values ​​are developing very well. We were fortunate to travel with exceptional people, who are scarce in our time, "added Miglė Satkauskaitė.

Film producer, Rasa Miškinytė, did not hide the offer to produce this film of respect to his hero Algimantu Jucevičius. "I'll know Algimantas Jucevičius for the twentieth birthday, but I never go to the mountains, although I have always had so much secret desire. Algimant can not exclude: his wisdom, his stomach , and, of course, its aroma. Simon appealed to me very late, I will not hide – I felt as if I had crossed my comfort restrictions as well. Now he enjoys & # 39; The result and plan a real journey to the mountains! "- told Rūta Miškinytė.

The Scanorama visitors in Kaunas and Klaipėda will be able to see the film "Exit Home" on November 19, and in Siauliai – on the 24th.

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