Thursday , August 11 2022

Šarūnas Marčiulionis – in the list of peasants to the European Parliament?


However, according to an unofficial TIME, the legendary basketball player Šarūnas Marčiulionis should be listed. R. Karbauskis refused this information, but did not approve it.

"You will know everything after our Council meeting, because the list will be approved by the Council," said Mr. Karbauskis. "I can not deny or confirm anything now because there is no list."

According to him, only one person was approved at the "merchant" conference. That's Bronze Rope.

"I can not talk more about this," said Karbauskis, and said that the name that was flying before approval could only be called rumors.

"Your person named on the list may not be because they may not approve," says the folk leader. "I can name many names, what I want and how I look, but there's no answer yet."

The LSSR will form a list of 22 candidates – the highest possible number.

Elections are held to the European Parliament on May 26.

DELFI Friday with Š. Marčiulionis link failed.

According to an unofficial TIME, the list should include the names of "peasants" coalition partners, but Gediminas Kirkilas, chair of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Working Group, said they would make a separate list. According to him, the list should be submitted next week.

A legendary basketball player since 1981 he played in the Vilnius construction team, who later played for eight years at the NBA and took part in the Barcelona Olympic Games, the European Championship of the Atlanta Olympics.

1987 He graduated in journalism at Vilnius University.

Š. Marčiulion was the first in Lithuania to open a private basketball school, LKL's president, a member of the FIBA ​​Europe board member, was NEB's commissioner for a long time. 1999 He was awarded the diplomatic degree of the Crisis and Full-Failureness at the US Embassy in Lithuania.

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