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Roland Kazlas am Worm: "I think this is my biggest role in a cinema" | Names


– Just like this, is this your second big job in a cinema?

J. Krisiūnas: Maybe even the third one, I can not delete the first "Emigrants" that I created with young people, then "Uncle, Rock and Nida" and finally, "The Worm".

– Rock from Rokiskis, right?

J. Krisiūnas: Ydw. Personality

– Will there be some rock mask accents in this movie?

J. Krisiūnas: Of course, I have always said that I am Russian, and I will never reject it. It is a great pleasure that this film is being filmed in the Rokiskis area, in a beautiful town of the name of the Island. There was a heart disease sanatorium for children.

– Is that where you live?

J. Krisiūnas: We lived there by the time. This, I believe, has made a great deal of benefit to the movie. We all felt aura, we created an atmosphere. But when the team heard about where we were filming, we thought: "Where is the village, where do I need to live?" The manor was old, having neglected, two months on the mattresses needed to sleep. When we arrived, the first days of the showers were operating, just two, fighting the stomach after the legs, looked awful! But later everything included, there was a mood, a unique joy.

I myself live camper in the courtyard of the rectory. I went to the foot in the foot, traveling, swimming in the lake, then we went to eat, where local cuisine was preparing the breakfast, lunch and most delicious lunch. At night, young people played guitar, singing, joint impressions after filming. It was something unreal. My biggest gift was that I had the opportunity to live next to the actor, because every night or morning I can talk to them to discuss, talk about the tomorrow's sights.

Picture Julius Kalinskas / 15 minutes / Rolandas Kazlas a Justinas Krisiūnas

Picture Julius Kalinskas / 15 minutes / Rolandas Kazlas a Justinas Krisiūnas

– Roland, you must read that you did not just restrict your role to the role. Have you added your hand to the script?

R.Kazlas: Your command is "For a shot", and thanks to the movie and Justin, I'll be in the frame, and not in one. It's nice to come back to the movie, after perhaps ten years. I assume that this is my biggest role in the cinema, where my experience is not so great – it is related to a number of films, and these roles were more readily, secondary, and this is one of key roles.

The meeting with Justin is special to me, this is a new person. When he sent me a script, there was a bit of it. Then I was scared at all – I thought, what am I here? Having decided and came to say no, I looked at Justin in the eye and said yes.

I was taken by the bravery, the stubbornness of the man, the desire to create a good cinema, to take the incredible way, not to offer a movie where the heroes turn guns or adjust any situation abroad to & # 39 ; the local market, but to create something bright, beautiful, Lithuanian. So, I wanted to help him with his presence.

Films of movie / Roland Kazl are in the movie

Films of the movie / Roland Kazl in the film "The Worm"

– Robert, you are young actors. What was the feeling of standing at Roland Kazlo, Lubomyr Laucevich?

R.Sirgedaitė: Indeed, a significant challenge. But we did somehow agree on everything, with Roland Kazlu and with other actors. After all, we are all actors, they are only older, we are younger. But after all, and they were somewhat younger, that's something common.

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– But was the fear?

R.Sirgedaitė: Darn, but at the same time and very much.

R.Kazla: Justin's here and merit, because we started talking about those young actors, felt no obstacle, there were tensions in the presence of older actors – as a result we started to interact with the frame (laughter).

J. Krisiūnas: It was very important for me that the performance of the young actors would not be different from grandmas, by the experienced actors. It was great for me to see Lubomir, Algis Gradauskas and Rolandas, who are just as concerned about filming. From the night the text repeats itself, it's over, I already see the hands rubbing against them. And she was very funny. Her youth bravery and talent is beautiful, and the actor's excellence in the film is very smooth – it's my greatest gift.

R.Kazl: I think that the main character of the film is that youth group. That's their young hearts. I'm very proud to argue with such a movie. In this mature movie. Every year they will be more and more proud of having shot in such a movie.

I remember myself, my first film was "Children of the American Hotel". I was young, I was 20 years old, and now they have something similar. The time is underway and this movie is gaining another value, some actors do not already exist. By the way, one of the youngest actors. Now, you'll see what you liked, how to change. After 10-30 years they will be sure to be happy to look at their own young people – that's how we were at all bad.

J. Krisiūnas: When I decided who would play the main characters, I only found that Robert and Motius were a couple in life once and again.

R.Sirgedaitė: Our love in real life is not as romantic and dramatic as it could be in the movie. When she needed to play scenes of love, then even somehow I did not think we were friends.

– Do you have many love views?

R.Sirgedaitė: Yes, we had a lot of love views (laughter). I'd like to add that with all the band that was still playing in this movie, it was good to play, because we felt somehow with each other, not just with Motiejum, who was my main partner.

– What challenges did you encounter on the shooting site?

R.Sirgedaitė: You mentioned two. The first is a line of really dramatic signs. And secondly – there was one place scene needed to jump from water to the water at the head. I did not study, I had to study all filming. This scene was filmed as one of the last ones and when I needed to film it, it was only the same period that I managed to succeed. But never again in life.

R.Kazl: I can remember and I jump to the water. There was a scene of this – a teacher and a woman in a boat. It was only one mud. Justin said Gabija will come out and you will follow. I thought we'd look nice as I'd throw it out. From time to time, Indrė Patkauskaitė jumped into the water and I followed, but I did not believe that the boat would sweep and have a jump over it, or something, somewhere side , but naturally (laughs).

J. Krisiūnas: I was very pleased that a highly professional and talented creative team helped me to overcome all the problems. I probably have a golden team who has always saved me, who advised and helped me. I am delighted that I have met such talented people to shoot my film, which has much more experience for me, I learned from them and managed to sort it out somehow instantly.

Now everyone wants to bring a camera quickly, to film, even before filming, to announce that he is already a film in cinemas that we already sell tickets. There is a desire to make quick, fast-paced, quickly capture. It seems to me that we did not work for us in this film, not for money, but because our hearts wanted to say something beautiful, send a message, without paying, without giving your opinion, just give us lovely love lovers, full of love.

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