Monday , January 17 2022

Riot Mam's Officer


"Before Moms and Children – Automats?" – Such leaflets are thrown by two officers from the Klaipėda Patrol Unit mobile unit.

"To deceive the people, she's so sorry," the other Klaipėda was angry.

The same level of debate has moved to social networks.

Some people were surprised only while others were angry because of an excessive police display.

Gedas Sakalauskas, Head of the Chief Police Commission Patrol Supervision of Klaipėda Sir, explained that the man with a special automated machine had not sent an rally to the route population.

"At the time, there were other unit officers on call, and the patrol squad crew team was free at the time." This machine gun is an armed machine, the crew at the port spends around the clock. Different tasks include arresting offenders, special tasks, complex and special cases "- explained the leader of the battalion squad.

For the towns, which really needed to equip the machine in a peaceful collection of people?

"Here are their permanent daily weapons," – explained G.Sakalauskas.

Officers should not be allowed to leave cars in cars and jump to task without them.

No need to be scared, such officials work every day in the city.

"This is a crew reinforced for more complex tasks, but it came here accidentally, because it was not dropped. There's no need to worry, such officials work every day in the city," explained G.Sakalauskas

Alvydas Savickas, Chief Publicist of the Public Order Service of the Klaipėda Police, explained that the most common number of officers in meetings of this type is expected by the nature of the public event.

"The most commonly collected information, we know that it is a peaceful gathering of people, so only a few officers were targeted. Although it was announced that he intended to collect half a thousand people, indeed, in our eyes, there may be no but just a few people have been collected, but I will not tell you exactly, but for me It appears that four officers have been appointed. After the incident, officials said the event had passed peacefully, not There were any incidents, "said A.Savickas.

A.Savickas added, because of the use of police weapons, that the population should not be overused.

"There was no priority at this event for armed automatic armed officers," said A. Savickas.

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