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Prostate cancer is healing and active


Serve fourteen years old

Kaunas Zigmas Tamakauskas faced the disease at fourteen years ago – showed a specific prostate (PSA) antigen test and started cancer.

A prostate biopsy was performed for its doctors to find out the real situation. Then, the study did not show anything bad, but the cancer spread throughout the year. Z.Tamakauskis doctors immediately received medication and radiotherapy, and the condition of the patient was improving. Unfortunately, fetastasis doctors found one kidney four years ago. I had to draw it.

After the surgery, the man lived without major health problems, but at the beginning of this year, the disease was found to have improved. The patient was treated with therapy of radiation and hormone, and the cancer was recovered again.

I am pleased, with the help of God and loved ones, that I can still flourish and make something useful for someone I need. It also includes a set of medicines.

"I try not to think about the disease, because the news I mean, the faith, the hope and patriotism of my life, which helped keep up with all the life storms. During the Soviet occupation , I took part in resistant activities, and during the recovery of Lithuania, without teaching, I also worked on social work: I was a city borough Currently a Member of the Board, Chair of the Citizenship Commission, Assistant to Member of Seimas, a member of the Board and Lithuanian Liberal Movement Staff. I am pleased, with the help of God and loved ones, that I can still flourish and do something useful for someone's needs Another medicine package, "said the 82-year-old man.

Changes in treatment tactics

"For the vast majority of neonatal children with prostate cancer, we can say they are likely to improve," said Professor Mindaugas Jievaltas, Head of the Urology Department at the University of Lithuanian Health Sciences. "Unfortunately, for the 10% of those men we will find a broad cancer, when they come to the test, just to slow down the disease, extend life and reduce symptoms & # 39; r disease, and hormonal therapy and chemistry reduce pain and improve welfare. This is the most important task. "

Men are not encouraged to turn to doctors because they do not feel bad even when prostate cancer moves on. The first symptoms usually occur only when the disease spreads. Patients often suffer from bone pain in the region or pelvic, or pain can cover each bone.

In order for such a person to live fully and not feel pain, now doctors offer the most treatment as soon as the disease is detected. This new approach brings great results: patients who, even if they have spread the disease, have not only lived for many years but also do not feel cause the symptoms of the disease.

Set as early as possible

"It has shown that about 10% of men are suffering from prostate cancer, but there is reliable data on why others become ill, we still have no, and we can not offer reliable measures to prevent the disease. This is the best tool to take part in the Cranial Cancer Early Diagnosis Program. It is supposed to be ill, it's better to install it early than trying to improve it, "said Professor M.Jievaltas .

According to the teacher, this program has led to an increase in the number of men diagnosed with early prostate cancer. Parts of patients whose clinical cancer is not trivially requires radical treatment. They must perform a specific prostate antigen (PSA) test at a given time. If this study shows that the disease has intensified, then doctors decide whether to start a patient for treatment.

According to the teacher, professionals choose such tactics to maintain the welfare of normal patients, because radical treatment – surgery or radiation therapy – can have unnecessary effects that a man can feel throughout his life.

It can be customized

After surgery around 15% men may not hold urine. These complications can be avoided by choosing radiation therapy rather than surgery. However, after he had 15-20%. Men complain about posterior cystitis – more often urine, sometimes painful, bleeding.

Professor M.Jievalt believes that urinary incontinence can be corrected after surgery. Artificial sphincter has already implanted in Lithuania. For men who do not keep urine completely, they are bought centrally and sent by sick reserves through medical institutions. Urologists with patient cases also discuss methods to compensate for post-nail nail slaughter implants. For those who can buy them, surgery is now being done, and radiation cystitis is difficult to adjust.

After surgery, some men can experience erectile dysfunction. This is especially important for younger men. However, Professor M.Jitalta also calms them by saying there are ways in which we can correct erectile dysfunction. These are oral and authorized medicines, prostheses that can be set.

The Teacher stresses that more and more men can enjoy the operation after the three main goals: control the disease, keep the urine well and keep the pick up .

The effectiveness of cannabis has not been proven

However, according to an expert, men should first know that the preservation and erection of urine depends not only on the treatment of cancer, but also on age.

Older people move less, exercise less often, so their muscles are weaker. In addition, if a man has diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, it can not expect the sexual system to work great.

"Blood wet disease is more likely to lead to a lack of erectile or radical prostate cancer treatments," said an expert.

For this reason, disease prevention needs to take care of the disease. In addition, science is still not aware of the causes and specific prostate cancer mechanisms, so men with this disease can not make clear nutritional recommendations.

"There is no evidence that any food supply or food ingredient would cause the disease or its cancer to proceed. Unfortunately, often in the internet and in the press, I see mock advertisements about magical food additives that maybe The cannabis is the same thing. They can be suitable for pain relief, but we do not have evidence of prostate cancer treatment, "said Professor of Urology Clinic. M.Jievalta

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