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Professor Stukas for all the coconut oil that thrives: not knowing how to use it, there is a risk of serious illness


Even worse, with too many saturated fat acids, the risk of atherosclerosis is even greater.

Professor R. Stukas, a professor at the "Who's Healthy – That Young" conference in the Seimas, told us what it's worth knowing about fat.

"Today, we are proud that Lithuanian residents have started using vegetable oil for food production. Eating food fat for food has decreased significantly," says a nutritionist.

– Sometimes we forget that 1 g of fat pork or any oil supplies the same amount of energy – 9 kcal. This means that the same caloric content – either a plant or an animal. Biological value varies, e.g. the fat composition. Fat contains fatty acids. "

The most commonly used fats are food

The teacher discussed the fats used for different meals.

What is Fatty Acid Saturated? "They increase the risk of atherosclerosis, which we need a bit, but not really," said the teacher.

Where are these fatty acids most? Coconut oil (very high), butterfat, fat fat, palm oil, fat pork, etc.

What Is Fatty Acids Supaturated? "Most of this will be omega-6, omega-9 and some omega-3 fatty acids," said R. Stukas. They are good for people's health.

Where are these fatty acids most? Oil oil oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, etc.

What are unsaturated fatty acids? "It's also good for health, it helps balance some healthy and incredible, and when they have a 1: 1 ratio, it does not pose a risk to seats," said a nutritionist.

Where are these fatty acids most? Olive oil (very high), rape seed oil, cereal oil, fat pork, etc.

Olive oil

"Olive oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids. It is squeezed up cold and contains all bio-active substances, especially antioxidant flavonoids. It means that it's very good, and if it's still a first line, an extra virgin, it's really physically active, "said the teacher.

Olive oil

Olive oil

– Unsaturated fatty acids are not easily oxidized. This means that oil under cold pressure can last a long time and we can use it to wear a salad. "

Is it possible to bake food on olive oil? "It's obvious," said Prof. R. Stukas. – As mono-unsaturated fatty acids do not oxidate, peroxides do not form, but baking on olive oil is not worth it, because it will spoil it by baking, we will lose the producer saved. "

The teacher says that fresh wheat oil is just as good and healthy as olive oil. However, when it has not been covered, it is not recommended. Potassium occurs due to peroxide, which may ultimately be the cause of cancer development.

What Fat I Use To Frying?

Rape oil contains fatty acids that promote the risk of allerosclerosis. "Baking oil is only for baking, if it is used. It's not good for health and, if available, you might prefer to buy sunflower oil , "said the teacher. – Sunflower oil is just for baking and it is produced. It contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids that are unsaturated, there is no oxidation in cooking, since it stabilizes during the production and does not require a lot of oil to boil – patch your bottom and it will enough.

According to the teacher, she is still the best to use her butter for baking. "Fat has to purify, and butter is enough to just pour the top of the pan to shine," said R. Stukas.

– Coconut oil is also suitable for baking, but also need to be made. Saturated fat contains about 90% of them. so no peroxides will be formed, which is suitable for frying. "

In fact, if we use these fats, then after every baking, it is recommended to remove baking trays, clean up the pan with a paper and add new fat again.

How dangerous is coconut oil?

The teacher says that people only enjoy herbal products, mostly like coconut oil and use it a lot. However, these fats should not be multiplied.

"It looks like coconut fat in vegetables, so everything should be fine. Unfortunately, the problem is that saturated fatty acids increase the risk of atherosclerosis, says VU teacher.

Ricinus with coconut oil

Ricinus with coconut oil

It is not important to be a vegetable fat, a lot of saturated fat cocoa, which promotes endogeneous cholesterol synthesis in the liver and green protein that does not eat any meat, animal fat, blood tests, and results show a high concentration of cholesterol, atherosclerosis and scary – from place. "

The teacher emphasizes – even when using vegetable fat, it is very important to note what they are including.

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