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Possibility of starry dress in the eyes of the creator


The Lithuanian Union's Union published the third book of humor and insult Vidas Gustaitytė-Bubnienė a Algirdas Radvilavicius, known as "Erškėtrožių vanta". The epigram created the epigrams of Algirdas's creative heritage epigrams.

Answers to questions

V. Gustaitytė-Bubnienė created "Erškėtrožių vantas" without the well-known connoisseur – the late cartoonist A.Radvilavicius last year, with his announcement of two epigrams and cartoons. So, the woman had to use the creative heritage of A. Radvilavicius, who was entrusted to her by the end of a girl Jolanta Tribenda. By the way, it would have been the fifth cartoon master A.Radvilavičius & # 39 ;.

Readers of this third creative dual book will spell orally spontaneously and highlight different issues today. For example, what is the essential difference between a baby sitting and walking, when sclerosis is diagnosed, what kind of crosses a child carries in a nursery, which is patiently trying to Someone, what can be touched by the museum's feet, where tax enthusiasm falls, etc. Writers of the book are interesting by thinking, feeling, an unexpected attitude to stunning themes or contemporary issues. This style of creation was also typical of the two previous books of the creative duo, which were not accidental.

He has chosen cartoons

According to V. Gustaitytė-Bubnienė, he belongs to the "Rose Rose" of the Poet at Kaunas Siauliai Community Center, which was founded by A. Radvilavicius in particular.

Understanding, this recognition influenced at the beginning of the joint work, but it is likely that Vida would not be eager to take his epicramic genius that was unusual in his poetry, if Aleksas Dabulskis did not "Blessing" many of its first steps in this creative bar many years ago. That is why the poet V. Gustaitytė-Bubnienė, after a long time ago, received A.Radvilavicius's co-operation to the international cartoon waters, a member of the Lithuanian Cartoonist Society, "Šluotos magazine" a few years ago.

Vida admits – she is eager to create an epigram at first glance to naive cartoons of A.Radvilavicius, their characters – rounded figures with cranberry. Developers are close dialogues, understandable to common materials of these characters, which can bind really hidden, but are carefully known. Vida has chosen the cartoons for herself of a great creative cartoonist heritage.

Incredible book

The creative leavers of the cartoonist are full of cartoons with laconic dialogues themselves, but even in such cases, Vida supports entertaining pictures with epigrams. Some of them can even be counted without taking pictures. For example: "Do not be afraid / disappointed – or just reach the bottom / let's start" pick up "or" Anhurt / Slick / whose name / KGB ". However, the book is Contains many cartoons where their writer did not record any dialogues.

V. Gustaitytė-Bubnienė emphasizes the content of such images with their epigrams or gives them contemporary colors, extending the meaning of cartoons. In the love that reflects the name of the book, one of the nude baths rests on the clock descent, and Vida explains this episode to the epigram Mythology: "It's just self-doing / it will help, if the location of the other is the heart!" And this is an unexpected, unexpected caricaturist view of the megapixel, which contains the same offensive comment: "Ancient – Viagra / Tablet, and / and Brush Tooth / Face Glow".

In the mood-setting book, his creators are observing, ironically, sometimes lame, often laughing through tears, but never insulting. Annotating the first anniversary of the artist A. Radvilavicius, this book was entertaining entertaining by his daughter Jolanta and epigram by the author V. Gustaitytė-Bubnienė.

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