Thursday , June 30 2022

Plus's size models played the famous scene of "Dance Purple"


It's likely that everyone will remember the famous scene of the movie "Purvini dancos" when the main hero puts his beloved in an exciting door cup?

And now, imagine the same scene with a magical girl in the hands of a beautiful one – this is exactly the task the participants are in the "Dimension (r)" reality show, whose television prizes compete for a star name more.

"The fact that a dancing girl is not able to dance just another stereotype, because the dance of a girl is an advantage," one of the members of the commission was watching during the dance exercise, and Erika Vitulskienė, who introduced his name with a fashion-fashioned house. The young lady herself has been on the parquet object repeatedly – a few years ago she was the first extra size star to attend the TV dancing competition.

"What I did not hear about myself – and whoever gave it to parquet, and how my partner will not call me, and I should not eat at least before the show. It was very difficult – I was even criticized behind the curtains for the other entertainment world star, but I did not give it up and I tried that I could cope with any challenge. That's what which girls will have to do today, "said celebrities.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to cope with the new task for all the great beauty that is related to the reality show. Vitaly, 30, who came to the show after she left her husband because she was overweight, admitted that she was very scared of the dance task. She tried to control her body, remember her actions, and keep her romantic mood. Vitaly left tears and left the practice room.

"Two members of the commission and other women have already noticed that Vitalija has been close to the project leader so far – she's good in podium, her work on the camera is also good. Naturally, they all expect a lot, but for the time being, it seems that this is the worst of all the girls, but another member of the commission, a professional dancer said and a star of social networks, Naglis Bierancas, on the situation of Vitaly – No matter how much you are, how much you will fit, everyone can dance – the question of how you can put your body and send a message to the viewer. I already see that there is a special night in the commission's chair. "

Wednesday here at 20.30 Through the LNK, the audience will see the "dirty dance" of the six women, which they will present to commission "Evolution of size (r)" – N. Bierancas, E Vitulskienė, designer Robert Kalinkinas and television producer Laura Paukšte. After the show, four members of the commission will decide which of the two daughters will complete their project, and four of them will go to the weekend of the final Dimension "Evolution" week.

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