Thursday , January 20 2022

NASA has confirmed 7 unknown journeys of asteroids to space


NASA Photo

Three years later, in October 2021, Lucy will look towards Jupiter, who will even visit seven asteroids during his mission.

Last week, NASA confirmed that the mission would definitely be held, allocated a budget for it, and arranging a launch date.

Such a mission is unprecedented: so far, the only Dawn has visited more than one of the Solar surroundings, a body that is not a planet; New Horizons will join her soon, but up to seven objects for other trips are still far away.

Lucy's goals are one asteroid in the main circle between Mars and Jupiter, four asteroids in the body on one side of Jiwpiter and two on the other. These two bodies, known as Jupiter's footprint asteroids (or, more specifically, Troyans and Greeks), exist in the Jupiter orbit, about one or six of the planet's orbits and beyond; they are kept there by general defect of Jupper and the Sun.

The mission has named after the famous fossil of Australian architecture, found in Ethiopia in 1974. Similarly, as Lucy's fossil helps to understand the evolution of humanity, Lucy should help to understand planetary formation course in the solar system.

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