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LRT Study. The Register Center has given a Lithuanian to Estonian mobile signature – Scandinavian banks screaming behind


According to the LTT Inquiry Department data, this summer, the Registrar's Center gave a Lithuanian electronic electronic signature to a private Estonia company, among the shareholders in large Viking banks. The same banks have already announced that they will no longer be able to use their code cards in the autumn next year, so the electronic signature will be particularly relevant to most Lithuanian residents. Only the money that came from banks to the Register Center, and so the state, pocket, is now owned by the Estonia company, and thus – by Viking banks.

LRT Study. The Register Center has given a Lithuanian to Estonian mobile signature - Scandinavian banks screaming behind

At the State Registry Enterprises Center, which has been a recent focus on the "closing" of the free data provision to the media, there are also more curious things.

At the beginning of this summer, the Register Center lost around 70 per cent. It would provide certificates for mobile signatures for users – more than 200 thousand. customers. They were "thrown" by telecommunications companies, who decided not to use the Register Center services, but the Estonia SK ID Solutions company. This, as operators say, has offered safer certificates and more reliable solutions.

However, a series of strange overlapping questions included this change that raised the question of whether the Estonia company did not find reliable assistants in Lithuania, which provided opportunities to be stimulated in this highly viable market.

As soon as the mobile electronic signature in Lithuania should become very big. Large commercial banks in the country have already announced that e-banking customers will no longer be able to use code cards due to security requirements. They will have to choose other forms of connection, and the most recent are called a mobile signature, which only wants to buy a special SIM card – no scanners or special code programs that are installed on computers .

He went shade, then he gave a recommendation

Two state-owned centers that provide certification services for qualified electronic signatures – the Register of Registers and then the Population Registration Service under the Interior Interior – were established in 2008 Certificates since 2005 The Private Certification Center also provided a private company.

However, Certificates for Mobile Signatures have only been provided by the Registrar's Center Certification Center, which the Communications Regulation Authority oversees this market as the fastest growing service. The four mobile telephones operators, Teledema, Tele2, Bitė Lietuva and Telia Lietuva distributed their certificates with SIM cards.

After 2016 Following the parliamentary elections following the change in Lithuanian authorities, the situation began to change also at the State Controlled Register Center. Already in 2017 There was talk of unexpected plans that could have acted in this organization. At the end of this year, the media reported on possible links between the founder of the founder of the EmeSolution provider, Darius Grigalius, head of the Register Center Certification Center Center, Mindaugas Žaliukas and the supplier of the EmeSolution company.

The LTT Inquiry Department obtained a confidential audio record showing how the Head of Register Center, Saulius Urbanavičius, formerly in the Special Investigation Service, tried to persuade M. Žaliukas to leave in September this year. Six-monthly stall compensator is offered to the center manager certificates and he explains who will stay if he does not.

"We have to ask questions, then you will present your information. Then we will look for answers to other questions. Then, still look, then, as they say, we will adds something else to get these answers. Then there will be some kind of answers from our side. Then you will not agree with them. Then we'll go to the court ", S. Urbanavičius learn & the employee.

The LRT Investigations Division, Head of the new Register Center, had not secured M. Zaliukas, "he did not do the press".

"I believe that this conversation is completely normal, and there is no pressure available there, and you can run that whole and public conversation." In that sense, it's absolutely normal, "he said.

S. Urbanavičius also acknowledged that he had accepted the recommendation to leave M. Zaliukas.

"The recommendation once again was the agreement of the parties, as I mentioned. It was such facts, say neutrally, about how it worked in the Register Center, so it's & # 39; I probably do not really remember there were no penalties. There is a reason to go somewhere to enforce the law, in fact, or to carry out some other actions, as long as we have data, it was not, " – says S. Urbanavičius.

Mr Žaliukas himself is convinced that his job redundancy is likely to be planned if the mobile signature certification service no longer exists at the Register Center.

"They give the impression that this is what they want to do. Once a former leader of the Register Center in this area would be a poor player, and possibly later his activities are being abandoned, "he told the LRT Investigations Division.

Forming the board has raised suspicions

However, last year, the accused of possible indecent decisions was based on the Government's decision to change the Registration Center's reorganization – to transfer the Ministry of Justice company under the Ministry of Justice's order to Rokas Masiulis, Ministry of Transport and Communications.

This ministry took over the Register Center just a year ago – in 2017. November 15 One day later, it was announced publicly that a new board of the company was established, appointed by three representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and two independent members – Eglė Radvilė, computer engineer scientist and Egidijus Vaišvilas, a finance and banking expert.

He raised the question of how the Ministry of Transport and Communications succeeded in bringing the Board up to date, but, in accordance with the Government-approved procedure, this process continue for at least one month in accordance with transparency requirements. The "Lietuvos rytas", who raised the issue, did not succeed in obtaining answers from the Ministry of Transport, nor on which criteria the board was formed, nor what its independent members recommend.

Vytautė Šmaižytė, Consultant to the Minister for Transport and Communications, said that the decisions taken "at the Register Center" indicated a very serious pollution risk ".

"In order to protect the interests of the state, in accordance with the requirements of the law, the order of the Minister was immediately formed by the executive and professional Center of the Registers Center, while the formal selection procedures had begun to select and appoint independent members to the Board, "said Minister for Council to Lietuvos Rytas.

There was overlap with losses

At that time, the new Center for the Registers Center began its work, when the company was appointed by the interim directors (S. Urbanavičius was appointed only in June this year), decisions were made, along with strange coincidences, and later lost Register Center over 200 thousand. mobile signature users.

The collapse began when the Communications Regulation Authority announced, since 2005, the private company's Digital Certification Center has been operating since February 12 this year. they will no longer be able to issue qualified electronic signature certificates if the company does not show that its services meet the security requirements. Subsequently, caring for the Digital Certification Center clients facility, among several medical establishments, "Sodra" and others, this season was extended until March, and licenses permit certificates were erected in May.

Although the Digital Certification Center has argued against the decision of the Regulatory Communications Authority and is legally legitimate, its customers have called the Communications Regulation Authority to select a new service provider, overflowed at the Registrar Center . This through its supplier, the already mentioned EmeSolution company, has kept an additional email. Signature service (USB storage) required.

However, the new Register Center Center on March 3 made a decision on possible poor purchases to grant the contract with EmeSolution and the Register Center recommended to look for other suppliers that, as it came out, does not exist Press center spokesman, Mindaugas Samkus, said that the Register Center currently has two contracts with EmeSolution, which is necessary to ensure the provision of electronic signature services, and aims to ensure the quality and competitive delivery of the service This is on the market.

However, at the time, the Board of Consumer Center Center, through press releases of the company, offered a "cheaper and more flexible" alternatively – a mobile signature. At the same time, it was already known that the Registered Center's Mobile Signature Certificates tighten the security requirements from July 1. Finishing. As a result, users of the Registrar Center, mobile electronic signature users, needed to exchang SIM cards and therefore receive new qualified electronic signature certifications that satisfy the requirements for them.

Indeed, the company offered the certification of Estonia SK ID Solutions of the new model cards that satisfy the strict requirements, which began to operate in Lithuania at the time.

The companies "Bitė Lietuva" and "Telia Lietuva" have changed to estuaries, and some of the clients have also been transferred to Tele2 – so the Registration Center has lost more than 200 thousand users. Only Teledemos and part of Tele2 customers were staying in the Lithuanian state organization – a total of 37 thousand. users.

"Since summer this year, the EU is committed to new security requirements that have to provide a significantly higher level of security for mobile signatures, which required a new model card. At the time, we were offered the offer SK ID Solutions made that decision and the Register Center. Overall, the answer to why we chose SK ID Solutions was very simple: because the experience with the answers of the Register Center meant that they failed to quality assurance at a reasonable price in the next generation solution, "- LRT Investigations Lietuva's teller, Audrius Stasiulaitis, told the department.

However, the former director of the Center of Registers, Arvydas Bagdonavičius, World Bank advisor, now thinks if the overlap caused the relocation of communications operators to the Estonia company.

"When another company comes in and occupies this place, something" still "is special in order not to develop in the Register Center, it brings tears conspiracy immediately, that they would have to make some issues for them, "he told the LRT Investigations Division.

Shareholders – Viking companies

There is no demand for SK ID Solutions Estonia & # 39; is a new player in the Lithuanian market. I was licensed by the Omnitel mobile telephony company (now Telia Lietuva) for mobile signage certification services in Lithuania in 2005-2015, but then called "Sertifitseerimiskeskus".

2016 Initially terminate the Mobile Signature Certification service – as stated, because the certificates that meet the security requirements of that time have expired – the Estonia company has not moved completely from Lithuania.

Director of the Register Center, S. Urbanavičius, is convinced that the SK ID Solutions doors are returned by the company's previous manager's decisions.

"Let's say, back in 2017, for reasons that have not yet been understood, an agreement with the same Estonian company has been terminated for providing unique terms – at a lower price of 4.5 times. come to a conclusion of this type, especially under exceptional conditions, why not consider the Government's decision, where prices have been clearly set for other operators as well? "He said.

The Senior Heads of the Register Center stated that the data for the Estonia company was sold in the same way as other market players working with the identification of customer data. SK ID Solutions at that time answered its smart ID customer ID solution, used by SEB and Swedbank banks, and from the beginning this month and Luminor.

Then, this answer offers a connection with other operating banks in Lithuania. But they refused – as it was said, as it discovered that the system had been created by SK ID Solutions, managed by two largest banks.

What are the shareholders of this Estonia company? After 25 percent SK ID Solutions shares are managed by banking subsidiaries SEB and Swedbank. Another 50 per cent He has a subsidiary of the Telia Swedish telecommunications company in Estonia.


In the Telia company, only in his Lithuanian branch, called Omnitel, ten years ago, the Chairman of the Board of the current Register Center, E. Vaišvilas, works as Director General of General Affairs – more than 10 years ago – so he was one of the leaders.

E. Vaišvilas, the LRT Investigations Department, claimed that he did not support relations with former colleagues, and SK ID Solutions, managed by the same shareholders, did not look after them.

"Oh, listen, it's hard to refuse here. Of course, I did not succeed. My ethical standards are still more than anything else," he said.

However, according to the Chairman of the Register Board, who gave the signatories to the Estonia company, the market will be enough for everyone.

"We do not want to restrict competition. Yes, we believe that anyone able to provide a successful service should provide. We are one of the market participants," E. Vaišvilas argued for his job.

Kalevas Pihlas, head of SK ID Solutions, also said that he had not tried to match Lithuanian officials.

Communications Minister Rokas Masiulis, appointed by the chairman of the Board of Registries Center, E. Vaišvilas, spoke to the Department of Transport Inquiry Department, very doubtful whether the previous connections between Vaišvilas and Telia could affect current decisions.

"There were thousands of people in the Telia company," he said.

The Transport Minister also explained that the former director of the Register Center was responsible for losing mobile signatures. All decisions were made before the start of the new Board.

"When it happened, it was too late to repair it, so the new leadership can not change anything in this place. But an investigation is underway, and it will be assessed who is & # 39, responsible for and who has contributed to it, "said Masiulis.

Business was of interest

However, it is clear that the Registrar Center has so far provided a mobile signing service to the machine market players.

During the spring of last year, the Lithuanian Confederation of Business (LVK) and president, Valdas Sutkus, joined the largest Lithuanian business enterprises, as well as banks and communications companies, who were connected to & # 39; Ministry of Justice and Government at that time at the Registration Center. Public authorities were told that the mobile signature certification service should be transferred to private businesses.

"The issue was raised that it might be necessary to transfer this service to the marketplace. We say that commercial services need to be given to the business. And state enterprises should not seek profit if they provide services monopolistic, "said V. Sutkus to the Department of Safeguarding Children's Inquiry Department.

He asked what caused the appeal, then argued that the members of the LVK raised the issue.

"They see that an electronic signature does not work correctly, which's the question – why. There are also IT companies that believe private businesses can achieve This business has abilities and competencies, and this is in line with our organization's attitude to doing business and the role of the state in doing business, "says President LVK.

One could say Telia, as well as SEB banks and Swedbank, denied a link between those who started the investigation, V. Sutkus did not deny it. "I am no longer the same, in the sense that it is a specific company, but I say that that's all that has a relationship with the provision of these services," he said.

Mr. Urbanavičius, head of the Register of Centers, was asked if he did not try to find out if SK ID Solutions had used its associations with shareholders, as well as employees of the Register Center, in order to achieve its goals, claiming that " quite a long time after the Register Center ", so it's hard to answer this question.

"As we know, an audit will be carried out at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which will certainly identify the damage already identified, and of course, after the audit findings, I believe that there must be another assessment – for legal compensation and accountability, "he explained.

Money will leave Lithuania

However, S. Urbanavičius admits that most communications operators have changed to the Estonian SK ID Solutions company, and the money previously spent in Lithuania will also be.

"On the one hand, we do not have a very high income, a significant part of the revenue compared to other activities carried out by the Register Center, but of course, in the sense of good reputation , very serious harm was done, "he said.

The Register Center indicates that the revenue of electronic signature service provision last year amounted to 190,000. euro During the first 10 months of this year, this income was a total of 110,000. The next year is likely to be even lower, as it will be transferred to the Estonia company managed by Viking banks.

At the end of the Registry Center Certification Center, M. Žaliukas says that much more money can be made from Lithuanian mobile signature operations created from Lithuania.

"As an example, e. A health service provided by the Register Center. About 20 mln transactions, that is, are distributed electronically and placed on electronic tags and signatures. state saves about 800 thousand – 1 million euros If the Register Center did not provide the electronic signature tool for this service, then it would have to be purchased, so that's the sum which he would have to be given from the state budget for private infrastructure, that is, to Estonia or someone else who could appear, "he said.

More – in the report of the Land Management Team Investigation Division.


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