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Lithuanian Hollywood star Sudeikis is lonely again: the reason for the divorce has become clear


“They’ve been divorced for months and they both cause no drama. After all, they’re adults and they accept it perfectly. Now everything revolves around their children – Daisy and Otis. for them, children are a priority right now, “the source told Us Weekly.

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PHOTO GALLERY. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

Olivia, 36, and Jason, 45, spent nearly a decade together. And, unfortunately, the journey of the relationship was extremely wrenching. They were accompanied not only by personal life choices, but also by important Hollywood contracts that intersected the needs of a family.

“They are angry like any normal couple. For each other, they made many decisions, sometimes having to turn down contracts. But different lifestyles also tread in them. Jason loved New York and Olivia spent more time in Los Angeles. They flew together a lot, often lived together, but made no collective decision.

The decisive reason was that they did not agree on the marriage in any way. Jason got married eight years ago, but they didn’t dare marry anyway. In the end, they canceled everything, “the source said. Back in September, the family was caught spending time together on Malibu beach.

Jason Sudeikis has deep Lithuanian roots. His grandfather, Stanley Sudeikis, was the son of Lithuanian immigrants. Stanley’s father comes from Taurage and his mother comes from Raseiniai.

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