Thursday , January 20 2022

"Lietkabele" on the road – Winners of Champions League with crews that are important to Mačiulis


The Greeks who defend the champion's title began to defeat the tournament, but then they reached four consecutive wins. In the local championship, the Jonas Mačiulis club has trebled in five turtles.

The most spectacular thing about the AEK is played by Vince Hunter, the National Association of North America Basketball (NBA) with 15.8 points, 7.6 resumes and 18.2 points.

I'm well supported with Giannoulis Larentzakis out of the striking road – 13 points (2.6 / 5.8 points of the game – 44.8 percent), 4.2 recovered, 4 achievements and 15.6 points of utility. The American contributor Xavier Rathan-Mayes contributes 12,8 points, with a score of 5.4.

Robertas Kuncaitis, leading assistant coach Lietkabelis, said that the competition likes to play quickly and strives to do it at an easy time, so it will be particularly important to stop the AEK from gaining momentum.

"AEK leaves a very impressive impression on the objector. Strong forces are all sewers. Combinations are not complicated but easy to read.

After all the mistakes or repetitions of the ball try to punish the opponent's points, so there are many points to score from. You will have to give them the best to attack them quickly. Even high air runs very fast. This is an experienced team that plays a good basketball, "said R. Kuncaitis," ".

Lithuanianman J.Mačiulis is an important player in the AEK: 26 minutes, 8.8 points (45% of trips), 5.2 recovered, 1.2 results and 10.6 points of utility. According to R. Kuncaitis, the assault plays in a number of different roles and competitors often punish exact goals.

"John has a number of roles – when he plays a soft edge and when he is in a difficult rush." ​​In the fourth place "he extends the playground and sheds good leaflets, When the game takes place, it will use its advantage in the penalty area against the smaller opponent.

Good fight for the ball and continue to be a real master of defense. It's not easy to play. Muscjoel has never been the one who scored many points but it was important for a national club or team.

We just put some player on John's parquet floor. Here too, he does this work and pays a lot of throw, "said R. Kuncaitis, a former pupil in the Lithuanian team.

AEK and Lietkabelė duel on the OAKA arena will begin on Tuesday at 19.30. Lithuanian time.

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