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Klaipėda is missing S. Šimkus


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This year, the Conservatoire Klaipėda S.Šimkus, opened on September 30, 1923, has grown to 95.

Not only is an occasion to celebrate and enjoy the continuation of school traditions, but also to properly remember a person who, almost 100 years ago, was trying to destroy the practice that had been in Lithuania for the time of the Czarist period and no one is close to the same, that culture should be concentrated solely in the capital and everything must be there determined by the provinces.

S.Šimkus thought otherwise. After more than one and a half years after the Klaipeda revolt, when the country went to Lithuania, the composer began to set up the first conservatory in Lithuania.

Professor Danutė Petrauskaitė, who was investigating the interruption of S.Šimkus's creative and social activities said that the musician had lived in Klaipeda since 1922.

Then, France managed the country after the First World War.

The region has not yet contacted Lithuania, and S.Šimkus has already accumulated money and staff for the future music school.

"The Poles occupied Vilnius, and Kaunas also had some sort of work, as another composer, Juozas Naujalis, was working there, and S. Simak needed space, he could not fit in one place with J.Naujalis, their characters were too different. " S.Šimkus asked to prepare Orchestra musicians, as only the foreigners who played at Kaunas Mansion at that time did not even speak Lithuanian. Furthermore, J.Naujalis did not prepare orchestras, and S.Šimkui was preparing his own experts, "said D.Petrauskaitė.

Power of the composer's enthusiasm

Researcher D.Petrauskaitė noted that S.Šimkus was a very good speaker, able to persuade people.

"After all, he was collecting a sacrifice for the people of the United States who were the victims of the First World War in the United States. He needed incredible abilities to talk about something, he discovered very good words and so he took He played a role in the role he even got rid of himself. Lithuania helped a lot, "- said D.Petrauskaitė.

Later these features helped S. Simka to persuade Lithuanian authorities (the composer was in close contact with President Antanas Smetona) that he needed a conservatory in Klaipėda.

"At first he created, and he thought the conservatory would be quickly recognized. He found it difficult to get a secondary school name, but did not succeed, because he even did not get a secondary school from music, which was then a government policy. It was said that this is not necessary Higher education, that Lithuania is an agricultural country and let the young people go close to the ground. As a whole, J. Naujalis tried to set up a conservatory, and Juozas Gruodis, who succeeded only after a long effort in 1933, "said Petrauskaitė.

Heavy battle over culture

The teacher ensured that S.Šimkus's personality had led to the fact that he had succeeded in establishing a conservatory in Klaipėda.

"There was an incredible enthusiasm, talent and institutional recognition in the highest levels of government, since S.Šimkus was bringing together the first Lithuanian symphony orchestra, and the school was named after him in his name well afterwards, and S .Shkkus really deserves ", – prof. D.Petrauskaitė.

After seven years of activity in 1930, Klaipėda Reserve Room was closed and a small school of private music had remained in place, which could not claim any secondary school status.

"When the Germans began to get up here, Lithuanian government was only part of the need to strengthen the Lithuanian culture in the Klaipėda region, and then remember the conservatory, but it was too late, "said Petrauskaitė.

It's similar to Georgian Lithuanian

S.Šimkus was an interesting, high, energetic and unexpected personality. Often there was a good mood, no details were given, new jobs they got hard, did not show any savings, new recipients, parties were not blocked.

His character is said to be very special, especially energetic, disagrees with the views of others, and does not endanger it.

S.Šimkus thought he was right, in many cases, very stimulating, like a volcano.

"Although he never kidnapped his wife in the future of the parsonage where she lived because she was a relative to the pastor, and her wife was a very sensitive and vulnerable woman, he was S.Šimkus admired and was very married, and the composer was an unusual personality, such as Georgian Lithuanian, it was not lyrical or highly physiologically ", says D.Petrauskaitė.

The scientist, when compiling a book, collected S. Simkus's alumni records, recalled that the head in the first queues was sitting by exercises and tattoos taken from him by the head and was knocking his hair for his hair.

The students did not hide that S. Simkaus was afraid, but admit that they liked a father because they came from villages.

S.Šimkus gave free, free food. Young people had very great support.

The rebellion against the orthopedic pub

It was a time when the founder of the Klaipėda Conservatoire was even dismissed from the director's office because of an overly dictated approach.

"I met with pupils because I was appointing my order at school, and I was just about the expertise – just playing the orchestra unfairly for many hours – from morning to night It seems, even at night, I was going to increase students to carry out an extra exercise, but other things, but S. Simkus ordered other teachers not to go, but only to him " , D.Petrauskaitė revealed the tone about the legendary creators of the conservatory.

At that time, schoolchildren occurred against S.Šimkah because they did not achieve approved programs according to what they had to study.

Of course, other educators were dissatisfied that the students did not attend their classes, but just to the orchestra.

"As a result, the" assault "was held, it was threatened to S.Šimkus even to cope physically, even the police had reached the conservatory, the fear of excuses in the future. Then, the Ministry of Education proposed to S .Simkas left, and Juozas Žilevičius began to work as a director, then he was right by S.Šimkus, working there, teaching the theoretical subjects, when S.Šimkus left the orchestra, someone else started leading the orchestra, he started The level of the orchestra to fall, the school's poetry began to debate, "said Petrauskaitė.

Then the same pupils started writing to Shemikh to return. And he returned, he began to lead the conservatory again, and J. Žilevičius came to America for half a year. Both pairs of pedagogy were different.

Music is an anecdotal hero

Due to his accident, S. Šimkus could not stop noticing the Satyrs then. There was a lot of laughter about the sound of this music in interdisciplinary magazines. One such anecdote has to print in Aitvare.

"One of the beginners stood in front of the Hotel" Ryto "Hotel in Klaipeda, carving the motif of one of the composers, Šimkus, composed by violin by Šimkus violin composer. The hotel window suddenly opens, there appears to be a red full face, the composer himself. " After hundreds of debts, "he changed." Do not you, head of the sheep, do not notice, rather than a big mound? "The next day, S. Šimkus in Hof Berliner will see the same musician getting hidden by chest chest: "Composer of S.Šimkus" (in this regard In the quotation and in other languages ​​there is no mention of AD).

Aitvaras discovered the name of a local composer even in the column "Weather forecasts for weather conditions at the weather station".

"Ar Liberty Avenue: clouds of unexplored material and rainwater from the ground." Aleksote: the autumn, frogs sit in the Institute of Physics and Chemistry and are preparing to escape to the warm edges. In Rokiškis: the archipelago started construction, the residents promise to go to the Šatrijos Hill in Klaipėda: Shtilstam, Shtumzin, nine Dwarf and Shimkus Conservatory. "

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