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Justice Minister sleeps: "The situation is under control"


On Thursday, when representatives from the Prison Department and Ministry of Justice visited Alytus Correct House, a number of dissatisfaction prisoners began.

"In the absence of instructions from law enforcement officers, they were warned that specific measures could be used in advance", the Prison Department describes the situation. – After the warning, convictions did not comply with the legal requirements of the officers, when the officers gave the cell, the prisoners tried to resist – they stood in a battlefield, filled with food oil , one of his hands was a self-made subject object. " nuotr./Alytaus korekcijos namai nuotr./Alytaus korekcijos namai

The head of S. Kudirkos's hospital in Alytus County states that his injuries are the result of kidnapping one of the offenders.

"It was the subject of light physical injuries, a little throat to pull, and a blow to the eye. It is, in my opinion, released home," said Arturas Vasiliauskas, Director of the Hospital on Friday.

15 minutes Recalls that offenders transferred from Sector 2 in the 1st local area were transferred on Tuesday at Pravieniškės. This local sector, known for being a "boy" and "vierch" penalty, was sitting here, was famous and currently A criminal organization that operates at Pravieniškės House Correctional is being implemented.

Rebellion of prisoners

On Wednesday 15 minutes He has already written about the hunger strike in prison, and Alytus, Prisoners and Marijampolė prisoners have joined her in the information available.

"Why are we hungry Due to the changes in the internal rules, because the government is in line with Europe, scandal, and the rules and rules are coming back from the Soviet period ", – on Thursday, during a conversation with 15 minutes the sentenced person explained.

"I started throwing off the soft list of prison and prison prisons, motivating us to provide the necessary employment for prisoners. The specific prison of the Prison Department, because you will not even have any employment activities when you have & # 39 ; you sentenced to jail in prisons or fine separators.

In addition, they also reduce the ability of packaging of food products, which will have a great impact on prices – the same product in a container or smaller container is more expensive. Even Dainius Sušinskas, the precision office director, acknowledged that the prices in the store were a maximum, and if they were reduced, they would become a cosmic ", complained that the conviction continued.

On Friday 15 minutes The endless fasting statement signed by Tom Dirthing, sentenced to death by a prisoner at Pravieniškės Correctional House, describes the corruption that has started in the prisons system.

As stated in the statement, all the actions of the new leadership are only to redirect public attention to "years of league and misuse of public funds and the money of the Norwegian Fund".

"Next year we are planning to support Lithuania from the Norwegian Fund again, so I understand that confusion, to enter the public safety service, to trigger the dissatisfaction of convictions, to show people who have & # 39; sentenced as the biggest pests in the state, <...> to tackle the public and cause such disorder not only to deal with "golden purchases", "interest groups", "svogerizma / nepotizma", but also collectively with the alleged amendment of the conditions of convictions, to find out a new reason for using next year's funds, "- he said in a statement.

True, in a statement, the person sentenced is hyperbolic for millions of money from Norway. The support has really been planned, but in 2018-2023 the proposed program provides 18 million euros of this state.

Here you can become familiar with the whole text of the statement.

The Minister of Justice: "Controlled Situation"

With you 15 minutes Speaking of E.Jankevičius claims that the situation is under control. He explained what procedures the rebellion was condemned and why these changes were necessary.

The Justice Minister also revealed a plan prepared by the ministry, which, according to current estimates, would reduce the number of prisoners by one fifth. Lithuania is currently the leader in the European Union according to the number of 100,000 people in prison. of population. Lithuania has a total of around 8,000. prisoners

Photo Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes / Elvinas Jankevicius

Photo Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes / Elvinas Jankevicius

– Can you explain what happened yesterday at Alytus Cywiro House? – – 15 minutes asked E. Jankevičius

– I know this event in fact, there are witnesses, ministry workers also have seen everything and I do not think they would lie. I will go to Alytus, journalists, we will show officially, show his injuries and, in my opinion, he will see everything.

– And what do you know, what happened exactly?

– First of all, we are talking about one incident, it happened in the disciplinary group, where the convicted persons for serious misconduct are transferred for a limited period.

From the beginning, we said we would not tolerate the old mess and prevent the prisoners from doing incredible things.

We see that they often produce leaven, they have unauthorized items, and so on. In the disciplinary group, they are really punished as they are not, they will be there, sleeping, and everything.

Our new procedure rules have established that prisoners in the daytime sleep disciplinary group can not sleep in the night. Then they were removed from the mattresses and meant dissatisfaction.

We are very hopeful that the prisoners will always behave well and we have such an aspiration. Therefore, such measures are taken. Being in the discipline group should not make them enjoyable. I hope they will not go to the disciplinary group in the future.

Being in the discipline group should not make them enjoyable.

– Colleagues from announced the incident when the neck was broken, which was beaten and fierce. I understand, nothing so awful was not?

"In my opinion, Tŷ Correctional Alytus, as the ministers of the people did not say, at that time."

Prison guards, see how they walk and see how they practice our internal procedures, think it is a commission that started to protest. He had oil, his hands covered.

Then, the officers opened, for the parable, the camera and hand by hand. With slippage, one slip, then another prisoner stepped back and hitting the officer on the surface.

It is absolutely unbearable, a pre-trial investigation has been launched, the case will certainly reach the court and will be punished accordingly.

– But I saw, the injured throat was announced.

– According to my data, this is a clutter. But I'll drive myself, I will see. I am very much supportive of the officials, I am on their side, I thank them very much. Victims will receive extra benefits. And the prisoners who have done that will bring the case to the court.

Victims will receive extra benefits. And the prisoners who have done that will bring the case to the court.

– You talk a lot about the Norwegian example. As this example fits with removing mattresses and other new rules, because in Norway, nothing like this happens?

– First of all, with mattresses, we only talk about disciplinary groups. There is no way to get rid of everyone. Only for severe, really difficult crimes (crimes – aut.past.), Prisoners are transferred to disciplinary groups, and during the day, they are removed from the mattresses so that they feel & This gosb and do not lie down, do not go to sleep at that time.

– What should they do? The Prison Department distributed information that offers a lot of fun activities, but prisoners deny it.

– Prisoners always deny everything, I trust trustee officers.

On the other hand, we have taken measures even more important, and they are also dissatisfied. We limit the amounts of vegetables and fruits to buy.

Their main objection was because we barred large containers. In the past, buckets were bought and small fruit and vegetables were produced. It was easy to do this, and now, when the abilities are smaller, up to half a liter, it will be harder for them.

Are we wrong You can buy 2 kg of fruit and 2 kg of vegetables in one grocery store in our new order. Shopping is up to two times. There are 4 kg of fruit and 4 kg of vegetables. According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended that a person needs 2.8kg per week of vegetables and fruit with each other.

Statistical Lithuania uses 1.4 kg of fruit and vegetables. And just here shopping, they have full food with fruit, vegetables, all the norms of hygiene and recommendations in the canteen for free.

They clearly need to produce these fruits and vegetables for leaven, because no-one is eating them in such amounts.

Obviously, they need to produce these fruits and vegetables for leaven, as no one eats them in such amounts.

What else they do not like is that they do not get food supplements. At least, we were told that there will be no extra food foods in prisons in all European Union countries.

– As long as I talk to scholars, they notice that your current action is only fire fighting, the Prison Department's attempt to show that they are managing the situation in prisons, to show the power of the system against the prisoners, to reduce …

– Okay, I'll answer. I want to say responsibly, we do not really show the power, and we are managing everything.

Not controlled when they are not in place, they escape, all prisoners are fully managed. We are endeavoring to avoid unauthorized action. We want them to respect not only the officials, but also with other convictions.

In this context, we have prepared a completely new project, co-ordinated and reaching the Government. There are very interesting things there. For example, automatic parent release.

Now this organization is working hard because it is considering a commission, then it's going to court and it's only 20%. cases.

Therefore, a person in prison has no incentive to behave very well because he or she does not know whether or not he or she will be released early. Our project is talking about it – if it does not have any penalties, automatic parole release will take place for certain types of penalties.

There are also other incentives for good behavior in the project, as they can go ahead.

I want to say responsibly, we do not really show the power, and we are managing everything.

– This would also reduce the number of prisoners …

– Yes, according to our experts, if our project has been fully operational, the number of people in prison could fall by around 20%.

We are working hard to the address where we see that delivering a full sentence in prisons or corrosive homes does not necessarily contribute to the successful successor's life.

The most effective thing when a prisoner is perfectly resolilant and perfect, then supervised by probation officers. A higher percentage of such convictions are no longer going to prison.

If our project has been fully operational, the number of people in prison could fall by around 20%.

– I would like to hear from you something slow down, say, the situation is under control, but the carer reaches the headteacher. How much is the situation managed? How many supervisors who work there can feel safe?

– Well, there are situations between prisoners and carers around the world. Officers are trained, next year, working conditions will improve. Is it possible to say that the situation is not controlled when the prisoner breaches the rules and opposes the officer? This does not mean that the whole situation is not controlled. That prisoner is dumped on so much. It's full control. How can one say that the situation is not controlled when an incident is immediately?

– What about the current hunger strikes? Do you expect them to swallow up for themselves?

– I believe the hunger will end. First of all, they do not go anywhere, even though they try to create the conflicts. But they do not have a reason. As I said, in terms of fruit and vegetables, we will go beyond the WHO recommendations.

I think they want everything to be the same as before, they want to eat leaven, they want less control, but they will not. Prisoners are also human, and we are very hopeful, our great concern is that they will succeed, go out to liberty, and no longer do more. Therefore, we are also developing projects.

But if a person falls into a disciplinary group for serious offenses then a destination will not be true. At the moment they lie, sleep and go out. In fact they have no stress on that. We aim to prevent them from committing gross crimes or other offenses, behave well, respectfully, and execute their punishment, and no more offenders.

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