Saturday , October 1 2022

J. Valanciunas collected duplication duplication, and Raptors did not have much trouble with Knicks


Raptors Team Toronto (12/1), has increased the rush of the second half, with little trouble 128: 112 (25:25, 28:39, 29:36, 28:30) Shakespeare Knicks Club (4/9) New York stops at the top of the Eastern Conference.

The start of the game was better for the Knicks team (10: 6), although there was not much time to give up this shortfall, the skewers did not. Pascalis Siakam fined and beat O.G.Anunoby the ball off – 13:14. Jonas Valanciunas has not risen from the bench so far, as Sergei Ibaka looked good after the ball, but appeared on the field for a few minutes and scored points immediately. In fact, they were dirty soon on the other side of the square. Fred VanVleet and Delon Wright have managed to finish the game at 25:25.

In the second half, Lithuania managed to win a regular and technical break, but Raptors already led 32:29. He kicked the field soon, while the Toronto team looked at 43:36. P.Siakam released three points, while Kawhi Leonard made the difference to tie two digits (52:42), and after the second quarter, he was 64:53 in the hands of the army.

After a great holiday, Knicks started to lose (65:68) of distance cell distances, but Raytors led by Leonard and Green feel more tired – 82:73. The difference began to grow again (93:77), P.Siakam played a striking game and dragged the Raptors on and before the last quarter, Knicks was already in an unlucky situation – 82: 100.

Until then, Juventus was not more in the fourth quarter and the Raptors top shot was 111: 91. The forces chose light points that moved towards a victory (122: 105), with many goals and goals by J. Valanciunas. Finally, he was delivered.

JValančiūnas scored 19 points in the minute 21 minutes (5/7 dw., 1/1 p.m., Bands 6/10.), After recovering 10 and took 1 ball, effective transfer was made, threw the throw , made a mistake, 3 – broke.

Adapters: Pascalis Siakamas 23, Jonas Valanciunas 19, O.G. Anunoby 16, Sergei Ibaka (8th rector), Kawhi Leonard and Delon Wright – 12th.

Knicks: Tim Hardaway 27, Enes Kanter 15 (15th), Mario Hezonja 13, Emmanuel Mudiay and Kevin Knox – 12th.

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