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Internal Disease Doctor: What research is recommended for 35-40 years? | Life


Most diseases are anymptomatic at first. Preventative health screening programs are important to help prevent premature illness and to resolve lifestyle changes. Programs are also important to those with a family history of inherited diseases.

Vascular Care

One of the asymptomatic diseases is high blood pressure, so it's important to fix it as soon as possible. According to the interlocutor, it should be checked regularly every year since it is an adult, and the indicators should not exceed 130/80. Blood pressure and more cholesterol change the vascular elasticity, and it also increases blood pressure. It is like a closed circle, so maintenance is needed. The risk of vascular damage increases in individuals over 40 years of age.

“For people of this age, blood pressure should always be measured during each doctor's visit and at least 1-2 times a year. Changes are due to more sedentary life, overweight, stress, smoking, co-morbidity, and some women start hormonal changes.

For the same reasons, blood cholesterol levels are increasing. Lip metabolism disorders can be inherited, acquired due to poor nutrition or due to persistent high stress. A person can be physically active, healthy to eat, but high stress can become the cause of cholesterol metabolism, "the doctor said about lifestyle-related disorders. T

Your doctor would recommend annual blood cholesterol tests to people aged 35-40 years as age increases the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

Earlier, overweight, early blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, polysystic ovarian syndrome, and hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) in the family.

Refreshing patients

Vascular care is also important in vision. We saw that pressure disturbance can damage the eye's small blood vessels and so impair vision. For those with compression or vascular disorders, a sight specialist would recommend checking every 1 to 2 years. After 40 years of vision, it's worth checking every 2 years.

"Glaucoma patients were observed to be younger and therefore eye pressure is checked earlier. Glaucoma may be confidential, due to early visual impairment. In any case, eye care should be carried out at least every two years," the doctor highlights visual problems.

We live in a zone of iodine deficiency, so since the age of 35, testing for thyroid thyrotropin hormone is recommended to measure thyroid function.

First disorder by age

According to the doctor, as long as they do not feel the symptoms, the patients are not rushed to check their health and limit themselves to a general blood test. As some health conditions are age specific and the disease is young, complex studies are not accidental. According to an expert, complex tests can show more than the patient's own expectation. This helps the doctor to assess future risks and prepare them for the future.

“Software research reveals the comprehensive state of the body and allows us to evaluate the sequence or recommendations for the patient on the same day. We live in a zone of iodine deficiency, so since the age of 35, testing for thyroid thyrotropin hormone is recommended to measure thyroid function. Hormone imbalance in it leads to weight, mood, sleep, reproductive system, blood pressure disorders.

For 40 years, I would also recommend that your blood glucose is measured. With more fatty tissue in the body, the sensitivity of the cells to insulin is reduced, which can lead to glucose metabolism disorders that can later progress to type 2 diabetes. T their weight or obese, I would recommend not to wait forty, ”the doctor explains the threat of the first disorder.

Preventative research for all

A common blood test is also important. It allows the evaluation of synthetic bone marrow metabolism, hemoglobin concentration, to suspect iron deficiencies or vitamin B12 according to changes to some indicators, to evaluate the presence of possible infections.

Also, preventative research in Lithuania should not be forgotten. Every three years, women from the age of 25 are checked for cervical cancer. For women who care about their health, a gynecologist's advice would be recommended once the injection.

It is regularly recommended that men perform PSA once a year in Lithuania for 50 years or more. If you have a family illness or have early urinary problems, you should contact your doctor beforehand.

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