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Indicator indicator lights: Driving times are not recommended


Freight lighting alarms are often not lightened at all. Ignoring such signals can also have serious problems. Artis Mačiūnas, Director of the "Toptis" Automotive Services Network, is also experienced in her own fur.

"I've tried not to drive again than a lighting indicator. For example, warning light was ignored at drop-in oil level; I thought the sensor was breaking down. But everything came to an end with a serious failure to the engine, so I can not continue to travel ", – the interlocutor shares the sad experience.

When learning from mistakes, A. Maciūnas says he is now responding to different notices without waiting. It also reminds you how it is easier to understand if a serious failure or warning is illegal.

"If the red light occurs, it's a critical fault, so it's better to stop and stop, call technical help and bring the car to the service. is the yellow light on, you can go to the nearest repair site. This is a theory, "explained A. Mačiūnas.

Of course, in practice, there are cases where the intrusive sensors themselves actually fail, but such cases are scarce, so they are better altered and, after seeing the warning , contact the service.

If you trigger the warning unexpectedly in a rush outside the service, but you want to enter your own case, car or Internet care support will help you.

Most symbols have a separate system, so you can decide at least what it might affect the system. However, in any case, to deepen and find the true cause of the warning, in most cases, only the diagnostics of the service will help.

Vida Press / Car Diagnostics in the Service, Speed

Vida Press / Car Diagnostics in the Service, Speed

"In order to better understand what has to break on a specific system, it is usually necessary to make a computer diagnostic, which shows exactly where to look for a fault locally.

After that, the mechanical diagnostic is followed, that is, the place verified by the computer diagnostics will be checked ", – A. Mačiūnas learns.

The service network director gives advice to those who are about to buy a car and with no additional means that they can understand themselves – every system works very or not.

"There is a way the seller eliminates errors, but the fact that the warning, under certain conditions, flashes again. For example, although the vehicle is empty, maybe the failure will show the ABS system. The system will only detect and report errors after passing the appropriate distance. Photo / Car Fact Photo / Car Fact

When it goes further, the system can specify that the particulate filter (DPF) does not work. So, after about fifteen minutes of sleep, even after the elimination of mistakes, they can still hold a fire ", – emphasizes A. Mačiūnas.

Burning indicators are unbearable

If you decide to ignore the warning notices, you are likely to do this for a limited period. Not necessarily because the car has been harmed irresponsible, but because when you go to the technical inspection center, you can get negative conclusions of the burn warnings immediately and this car will be recognized as serious shortcomings.

"The normal inspection of the technical inspection manager with the vehicle that has been checked starts with an audit of the burner indicators on the board. Warning is lit during the inspection, such as engine failure or combustion engine or braking system, the car will continue to be checked, but the official checklist will inevitably lead to negative conclusion.

Photo by Algimantas Brazaitis / Renaldas

Photo by Algimantas Brazaitis / Renaldas

That is, the next inspection will become a form of recommendations list of what further problems should be resolved when they go to the service, in order to carry out the technical inspection successfully, "said Renaldas Gabart, representative of the Association of Technical Inspection Centers, Transeksta.

R. Gabart replied to A. Mačiūnas, and he reminds us that red reports about serious failures are reported. Information indicators, such as a warning that the window washing liquid has expired, is yellow.

However, during technical inspections, even yellow warning can be considered as a serious lack.

"In the case of mandatory TA verification, in some cases, even the yellow color in the panels can be a major barrier. For example, if the lighting lights of petrol lighting are illuminated in a gasoline engine, the TA manager will highlight only the car owner.

An analogue signal on the Diesel Vehicle Board Board would mean that a full state examination can not be performed. The same award would be issued even if the indicator that warned at the end of the AdBlue fluid was burning – it is considered to be a major disadvantage, "explained Gabart.

However, far from all drivers, they tend to eliminate such defects as they are. Mr Gabart regrets, but as part of the drivers, for example, airbags or airbags that identify bulbs, "turn off" by cheating the system.

"If all the indicators on the board are" properly "illuminated, it is possible to find things such as breaking ABS or airbags after disassembling only when the car has & # 39 to damage

Unfortunately, technical is very easy to make sensors send fake signals about the condition of the mentioned car systems mentioned above, so it's likely that self-persistent drivers "tricks" can continue to be unveiled in a survey TA, "comments R. Gabart.

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