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In the Lithuanian Basketball League – 76 points per quarter


Champions hit at home

The last is the result of this time 120: 109 (20:25, 42:34, 28:27, 30:23) successfully beat even the LSKL multiple champions – Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) basketball players. And they've been made in the champions of the champions themselves.

"It was a point race, it was difficult to get players to defend themselves. The focus was only on the abusive," said LSU Ed Nickus coach after the game situation.

Viewers were barely able to watch the strike show – only in the second quarter VDU and LSU teams collected 76 points.

LSU hit the goal of a three point line – the goal was achieved in 19 of 40 long throws (48%). From 32 seconds, VMU 13 (41%) removed.

VMU (3 win, 2 losses) won a basketball game for collision balls – 46:36, but the squad made mistakes and the VMU made a mistake 23 times, LSU 11 times.

In these corresponding, the record for the LSKL season 2018-2019 was achieved. Kristupas Žemaitis collected up to 45 points of utility. In his account – 29 points (5/9 doubles, 5/8 trit., 4/5 fines), 9 rewards and 10 performance. By the triple slam, he lost only 1 ball left.

The following players contributed to the victory of LSU by points two points: Arweinas Galinauskas – 21, Justas Vazalis – 16, Deividas Rasys – 15, Mintautas Bulanovas to Mindaugas Motuzas – after 11 points.

In the ranks of VMU, Rokas Stankevicius (13/15 div., 2/6 ydd, 3/3 fines, 6 recovered, 2 awards, 35 points) were collected up to 35 points. 35 points – LSKL tax this season. True, Giedrius Stankevičius, Kaunas college player (KK), was the first to score 35 points a week.

Grant Vasiliauskas, who has won 22 points (13 points, 29 points), Erik Mikužis – 15 points, Mykolas Dieninis – 14, Rokas Ruškys – 10 pts

"We did not succeed before this game when we needed to assemble the team players. Of 20 players for different reasons – injuries, illnesses, games in alliances and other trips to the world's 3×3 championship in China, tonight only 8 players who came. We paid attention to what we got, and here we have the result – we had the game. We lost strength, "said university instructor Vytautas Magnus after the game Arūnas Juknevičius.

VU gave 20 points but won

In the other rounds of the fifth round of the LSKL championship, the sole leader of the Eastern Division was Vilnius University (VU) at home as if needed in a team with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University team (VGTU). Although at the beginning of the third quarter, VU had varied the difference of 21 points (44:23, 46:25), but at the end of the duel, the success was scarce and the victory was only celebrate 1 point difference – 64:63 (16:10, 25:13, 11:19, 12:21).

In the winners, Rokas scored 14 points (4/6 trit), Simonas Lekys – 12, Vytautas Saulis – 11, Dominikas Bučas – 10 points.

The VGTU Andrius Juknevičius team collected 17 points, Mantas Vavilovas – 13, Ignas Bilinskas – 12 (11 anti-resum), Dominykas Mikalajunas – 11 (11 pieces).

Baskets dominated VGTU – repeated the ball 51 times, and the VU – 33 times.

"We went through drama with a happy ending. Once again, we became convinced that the race should be centered between the second and the second. This season, our luck is to be the second half of the game, we're relaxing and rarely joining it. It's good to have a solid lead in the first half. That's just that that's saving, "- said instructor VU Rimantas Kaminskas.

The Second Champions received a second anniversary

In the first three rounds, three consecutive winners of the LSKL victory went to the University of Klaipėda (KU) to skip – they did not take the second consecutive place. This time, Mindaugas Stašys students are in Kaunas 82:86 (17:21, 16:24, 14:22, 35:19) Kaunas College (KK) teams came down.

At the same time, the Klaipėda players tended off and had a 24-point difference – 43:67, but in the fourth quarter, they climbed to the bottom and one threw away – 71:74. The people of Kaunas were a little harassed, but managed to save their victory in their hands.

The KK team wins 18 points after Anton Antanas Bertašius (13th back) and Mantas Košelis, Justas Sakalauskas, 13th – Rytis Sasnauskas added 17 points.

Tadas Poska, scoring 25 points (5/7 dv, 4/5 trit., 3/3 fines, 28 points) after sharing from Klaipėda, scored Klaidas Metrikis 18 points, Ernestas Jonkus – 14, Ignas Ramašauskas – 13 (7 back to whom.)

Klaipėda basketball players were much more wrong than ever, with 20 errors counting, and Kaunas women made 6 mistakes only.

"The main reason for defeating is a bad temper. We let the opponents feel their game and we're tending off. We just eliminated the last quarter we did not cancel. A big difference, but we had already been taken out to win the win. After all, we fought but seven. We need to be less mistaken and like as we did in the fourth quarter, then everything is fine, "said KU coach Mindaugas Stašys.

According to Roland Rakutis, a coach of the Kaunas college, he stressed his players before the game these wins were needed on the air and the players listened to the following words.

"We went to the" deadly "group, in order to repeat the sport last year – to reach the final of the Quartet, we must win as many victories as possible. Alternatively, we can wait behind playoffs. ; I'm glad that my opponents fight well and give up all the strength. Only the people of Klaipėda who deserve to respect the sacrifice at the end of the game, " says KK, strategist.

KTU defeated RSL students

He won the first season win by Kaunas Technology University (KTU) students. Home students Arturas Sukovas 63:52 (17:18, 23: 5, 13:16, 10:13) has defeated the ULW International Students (RSL) students.

By the second half of the second half, the battle was a point to the point – 23:22, but soon KTU made a stunning shot and struck a solid lead – 49:29. After this cold shower, the inhabitants of Klaipėda were no longer able to rest.

Laurynas Miknevičius wins the Kaunas team, winning 14 points (8 rebellion), Motiejus Syminas scored (8 rebounds) and Gytis Asacius (7 rebellion) 11 points, Matas Ragauskas – 10 points.

In RSL, Eimantas Žilius scored 16 points, Augustine Venckus – 14 points.

VDU-ŠA remains without any victory

The only VMU (VDU-ŠA) Educational Academy this season of LSKL has not felt the victory of victory. This time, Gediminas Bražionis pupils got home, as necessary, to the VMU (VGU-UGMA) Agricultural Academy, but lost the result – 69:72 (24:15, 17:17, 12:23, 16:17) /

VDU-ŠA repeatedly made a two-digit difference – 31:19, 36:24, 40:30, but in the second half of the game he did not catch up and he had suffered one in five in a row.

VdU-ŽŪA team scored 18 points by Ernestas Serkevicius, 15 – Dominykas Peleckis, 12 – Aidas Gedeika, 10 – Lukas Žukauskas.

The VMU-ŠA rescue team tried 21 points won by Rimantas Daunys and after 18 points, Justas Šukelis and Gediminas Povilauskas were collected (8/12 back, 2/4 fines, 23 points).

There are 23 repetitions a new record for this season's league. So far, VimpelCom player, Rimantas Daunys, has been registering 20 rebound balls a week ago.

East LSKL Tournament Table (play games, win, lose, points):

1. VU 4 4 0 8

2. VK 4 3 1 7

3. VGTU 4 2 2 6

4. VDU-ŽŪA 4 1 3 5

5. VDU-SH 4 0 4 4

Tournament Table "West" LSKL (games, victories, losers, points):

1. LSU 5 4 1 9

2. KU 5 3 2 8

3. VDU 5 3 2 8

4. LCC 5 2 3 7

5. KK 5 2 3 7

6. KTU 5 1 4 6

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