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In the film "And All Their Men" named A. Belobžeskas: "Best Selling – Sex and Recipes" | Names


After completing the installation, the director does not feel welcome to highlight the "All Their Men" theme: "The movie is about something that nobody has been able to avoid – for love. "

However, as you can see, the short video of the movie is in front – the band's own characters have their own views about what it is & # 39; This movie is about them. Vilma (actors Kristina Kazlauskaitė) biography of David's journalist playing Andri Bialobžeskis categorically: "The best selling is a recipe for sex and a kitchen. Here are two in one." Jurgas, breathing psychotherapist, Inga Jankauskaitė, is angry " everything related to sex only in relation. " And Audrey Bruzh's character summarizes: "Here's all like Hollywood."

VIDEO: Y CINEMA A HOLL HYN O & N, N WOMEN. What about the movie?

The movie's creative team agrees unanimously that the theme of each of us is the theme of the movie: the relationship between women and men, all of them misunderstanding, comic situations and the most important moments of life person. In the banner, just like in life, serious episodes change the situation with a smile, and the difficult themes overlap naturally with a mild method of self and a world of its scope.

In the film "And all their men", there are three women in the center: have arrived and tried, loving and loving, left and try again. Strong personalities with their eyes, their ideals, their fears and their own dreams. Women who love men in their lives, although sometimes it seems that everything is much easier without them. Next men are less ambitious, complex, determined, and sometimes abound, as in real life.

Donate Ulvide's new life movie "A All of Their Men" will be available to cinemas on January 25 next year. The band, whose production was produced by the Lithuanian Cinema & Center Center, by Inga Jankauskaitė, Kristina Kazlauskaitė, Aušra Giedraitytė, Šarūnas Januškevičius, Audrius Bružas, Andrius Bialobžeskis, Giedrius Savickas and other Lithuanian actors.

VIDEO: TO ALL ALL WOMEN – The latest U. D. Ulvide movie in the films on January 25th.

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