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how to escape from the black hole

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The physicist geology, cosmology and popular science symbol, Stephen Hawking, who died in March, on the anniversary of Alberto Einstein, recently published in his last article, as well as the person from Anapa , explains how to escape from the black hole.

Dennis Overbye, the author of the science fiction books The New York Times writes, leaving abstract mathematics, that this article is a reminder, a loss to the desire of older people to translate.

Dr. S. Hawking was an example of perseverance: he was faced with Lou Gehrig's disease, he successfully conquered the universe of a wheelchair. This is a destiny of material or information collected in a black hole that defines his career and has become one of the most inventive problems in physics.

Black holes are objects of such intensity, according to the general theory of A. Einstein of relevance, he can not even escape escape. However, in 1974 At its own discretion, S. Hawking has found that the random effects of a man who controls the microscopic world can lead to the outflow of black holes and ultimately explosives and extensions.

Full-time (which would be in most cases greater than the age of the Universe), the mass and the whole energy would return to the black hole. However, according to the classic equations of A. Einstein's equation, black holes are simple disturbance; The characteristics of mass, electricity and momentum of the proposal are only their characteristics. All details that enter the black hole disappear from Universe memory banks.

Therefore, the source of the issue and the energy that comes out of the black hole will be casual, as Dr. S. Hawking in article 1975. If you were going to such a hole and returning back, you would lose all the details you made: male, blue or brown supporters, Yankee or Red Sox fans. The equation of such a slogan has written in dr. S. Hawking's tombstone in Westminster Abbey and keeping forever.

This is a specific re-affair. If nature can forget you, it can ignore anything – a death shot due to the ability of the science to rebuild the past or predict the future. "This past tells us who we are – Dr. Harvard spoke a few years ago at a Harvard conference. S. Hawking – Without it, we are losing our identity."

Actually dr In an article in 1975 by S. Hawking, the paradoxical quantum effects, which once rejected A. Einstein, saying that God did not adhere to the dishes, he gave more forgetfulness. "God not only plays dis," wrote Dr. S. Hawking – but they often throw them out where they are not visible. "

It was a challenge for other physicists; the underlying principle that legendary storytelling can be turned back through rebuilding and what happened, for example, through a pair of isatomic particles in a high energy accelerator.

Sixty years later. S. Hawking rejected this idea, but the arguments continued. The "paradox information", as is known, remained in the middle of physics, as no-one, even Dr. S. Hawking could not explain how the black holes actually handle the information that comes in or out of it

However, scientists have caused real blast to develop theories of space, information and memory. Some people think you will not even be able to enter a black hole if you do not evaporate the energy firewall, what to say about the return.

Last year has given more hope. Andrew Strominger from Harvard University found that it looked in terms of fair maths – when the light rays are directed towards the infinite future – black holes are more complicated than we believe. They have, like Dr. A. Strominger, "soft hair", the imaginary light rays that can be contracted, turned, spit and otherwise arranged in the material that goes to black hole. Typically, these hair can encode information about the black hole surface, recording all the details that may have been lost by the A. Einstein equations.

Is enough to save the physicist, what to say about someone who falls into the black hole – that's what Dr. S. Hawking in the last year before death.

"When I wrote the article 40 years ago, I thought the information would go to another one," he said at the Harvard conference. – Now that information is on the black hole surface. The black hole will disappear again. "

Other experts, including Juan Maldacen from the Princeton Institute of Advanced Research, were more careful and argued that if soft hair did not solve the information paradox, he could at least help.

In a recent post article, which caused a real spray, Dr. S. Hawking and his colleagues have tried to show how this optimistic idea can be tested. Authors of the article, without Dr. S. Hawking, Dr. A. Strominger, also Malcolm Perry and Sasha Haco from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. A. Strominger hopes that the physicist will be able to understand the black holes one day by reading what has written in their soft hair.

"We have not proved that," he wrote in an email. But he added that he can show how everything connects: "If our guess is right, this work will be very important. If not, the technical footnote will continue."

Very little along with Dr. S. Hawking has always hoped that our parents and dinosaurs will arise when solving information paradox. In our way, at a certain time, we all agree with the idea that our time is about to end, but you will be encouraged by the information that we will remember that our genes, ours books and names continue.

Some astronomers now say that even this quiet version of salvation can be at risk. The mysterious power, known as dark energy, accelerates the expansion of the universe. According to experts, if the Universe continues to expand, the universe will not be permanently available for the galaxy to move away, and we will never see it. It's probably like a black hole around us, where all our information and memories disappear.

We can always remember Cleopatra, William Shakespeare and S. Hawking in our little boy of Taco birds. But will the universe remember us?

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