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Horoscope Friday – May 24 | Life


Tuesday 20-21 April 20-21

On Friday, Aries will receive great news. Our agreed day is when an intelligent dentist can solve all the misunderstandings. Today, the importance of friends and friends will increase dramatically, you may need to connect to the service and support. Team sex work, common goals. Even with the night, you won't be bored, you will be invited to entertain. Take care of the sloth, it will easily relieve the reins.


April 20-21 May 21/22

Diversions at work will not jeopardize the tone of representatives working hard on the zodiac sign. And you can't boast in great health today. Focus on power, don't waste energy – take one task to the end, take another. On Friday, there will be a desire to spend time, it will be difficult to control the impulses. With the night, remember the friends and relatives that have long been seen – it's a great time to strengthen relationships.


May 21-22 until June 21st

Twins of the zodiac sign will bear fruit today – you will always find yourself in the right place at the right time. It's a good time to manage important documents, and it's good news. On Friday it is appropriate to approve sales or purchase transactions, especially for the purchase of electronics, technique, as well as dealing with transportation, residence issues.


June 21-22 until 23/24 July

There will be a lot of stress today – try to react more slowly to surprises. Try something new, do something non-standard, unexpected – this behavior will make others feel sympathetic, preferably standing out of the gray mass. On Friday, plans and circumstances will change several times. This is the right time to manage important documents, short journeys, knitted connections.


July 23/24 until 23/24 August

Representatives of the Lion zodiac sign will begin to assess many situations more objectively. On Friday, a passion rhythm, intelligent dialogue will help solve all the misunderstandings. This is the right time to mediate, discuss, plan important business meetings. It 's important to keep the balance, to act honestly, to be able to hear another person' s opinion. With the night, you can relax and spend more time on your personal life.


August 23 to 24 until 23/24 September

Our time is slowing down – look for ways to relax in quality. On Friday there is a worse feeling, you should not lose your hand to the signals sent by the body. On this day you will feel what is not right for your body, how you should change your daily schedule, which products you have to exclude from & # 39 menu. At work, everything will go smoothly, you will receive support from colleagues and managers, and there will be no good ideas.


September 23 to 24 until 23/24 October

On Friday, the Zodiac sign of Libra awaits excitement before love – lack of partner support and understanding. Try not to take everything as deep into your heart, do not accumulate grief, rather talk openly to someone close. Some of these health problems are likely to occur, kidneys, neck, and more likely skin problems.


October 23/24 until 22/23 November

Emotionally, this day will be quite complicated – anxiety and anxiety will not allow peaceful lives for the Scorpio zodiac. Excitement for dizziness will increase, but will only make the situation worse – look for quality relaxation methods. There are no major difficulties or obstacles in the professional field, but on Friday the plans will have to be adjusted more than once to adapt to the new circumstances.


November 22-23 until 22/23 December

Friday's business frustrations – not all promises will continue, important contracts can be broken, long-term meetings will not take place. On this day, the most support will be friends and friends, they will open the door. Don't forget to thank you very much for your help. Short journeys can be made in the second half of the day. Expand your circle of dating, attending seminars, training sessions – time is right.


December 22/23 January 20/21

Today, the sign of the Capricorn Sodiac goes to address important financial issues. You are looking for new or additional sources of earnings, generous offers that come from your contacts. Be socially active, don't give up invitations to get married, take part in a fun event. On Friday you will boast an excellent eloquent, you learn your thoughts easily and clearly – a great time for presentations, public speaking.


January 20-21 until February 19/20

Not everything will go as you like – you need to know how to accept it. On Friday, you want to cut the established order, go against the rules you have because you are bored, without challenges and adventures. Don't waste time, rather set new ambitious goals, find the right resources, and make a useful acknowledgment.


February 19/20 until 20/21 March

It's a confusing day, you can face the fraud, the people who have neglected. Don't worry about meaningless disputes – if you find that you can't agree on a nice one, stop the blank discussion. Take more time for self-analysis, spiritual development, and look for answers to your questions. A good day for the arts people, for representatives of the creative professions – to visit museums.

The horoscope was made by astrologer Viktorija Greviškienė ("Astrology and Life").

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