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Gerda Žemaitė's husband for a pregnant woman: "I can not see her so no longer suffering" | Names


"One day I had to go to hospital quickly, at the time there were worst thoughts and worries, those days were critical, very complicated, but today we can relax, because the same danger has passed, "said Gerda Žemaitė, who spoke about the beginning of" Red Carpet "pregnancy.

According to the TV assistants, at that time she was scared her baby, but for a moment she did not lose faith.

"It's probably impossible to say how difficult it is to say how you feel. But whatever the medical staff told me, it seems inside, I was there; I did not know that everything would be fine. That day I liked an egg – there was a meter to the toilet up to the toilet, I walked that meter just before the big threat big go, "he said.

Likewise, Andrius Žemaitis was worried about the love of one and the child's love. Now he says no-one can repeat the same thing.

"Three weeks were difficult, not just the first few days, it was not good there. Pathology was very serious. How did I feel I can see how she wants baby. I was pregnant with pregnancy testing, put me under my … I ordered the clothes on the Internet … and then go to the hospital. When I see how she's going past, Here's the last time I can suffer it. Then I said myself – everything that will not happen next, "- admitted Andriy.

Alaulio Koroliovas Picture / 15 minutes / Spartak Stiklickienė and Andrius Žemaitis marriage ceremony

Alaulio Koroliovas Picture / 15 minutes / Spartak Stiklickienė and Andrius Žemaitis marriage ceremony

Her firstborn was born at the age of 22. He then thought that Mark, who is now 15, will be his only child.

"But the time runs out and I've grown naturally the desire to have a baby," she smiled.

Gerda Ultimatum presented this wish to Andrias immediately after the marriage. But as he said in the show "Red Carpet", a woman can not wait longer because of her age.

"Doctors told me that my water is leaving, so I have to go to the last truck. If I do not think that, then it'll be the longer it will be harder, then risks. Our age with Andrew comes into a risk group, "she opened.

And since the son of Gerda was already big, the girl was very eager to get that child from her home. "We will have a spring so happy, happy," he said.

He asked how their two children were responding to the message about the growing family, the couple said, "My Mark asked when he was a brother or sister of that and now. – he is very pleased to respond. He himself realizes that the difference is huge, the fact that such joy, when 2 years between a brother, will no longer exist, "said Gerda at the show "Red Carpet".

"And my children are already adults, they will start their own families right away," said Andri for her children.

Image by Ingrida Taparauskaitė / Gerda Stiklickienė with son Mark

Image by Ingrida Taparauskaitė / Gerda Stiklickienė with son Mark

Gerda is already slowing down her pace slowly, and at the time of her baby he pledges that he has been completely disconnected from the work.

"I really had a lot of changes. Although I really liked a job I'll feel very well, I'll realize myself but you want to look after you love yourself at home, enjoy the funny moments, that's unforgettable that happens very quickly, and children grow up quickly quickly. You do not want to lose anything. So, now I'm # 39 ; I believe that I will concentrate myself for one purpose – be with the baby, the gift of God, "- said G. Žemaitė.

However, Andrius has a different opinion: "She'll tell me after a month I'm looking for a nanny because she wants to work. I know her," she was laughing.

"I do not say I do not want to come back, it might be a bit of fun to work. Although love for me now laughs, when I have a baby, I will not want to go anywhere. ; it seems to me that this time will be different, "said Gerda.

Photograph3 TV / Gerda Žemaitė and Andrius Žemaitis

Photograph3 TV / Gerda Žemaitė and Andrius Žemaitis

Andrew is not hiding the fact that he has to walk his fingers in his house recently – this mood is very changing.

"For me, here's the first of these waiting for a child, when a woman is able to travel within 30 seconds of full happiness to complete inflammation," A. Žemaitis laughs.

"My first child was not … But now I really feel hormone storms, they worked hard for me, but maybe a little less … But sometimes I was looking from the country – and God, like cobra. I never do it at all, "Gerda Žemaitė laughed at her remake of" Red Carpet ".

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