Saturday , July 2 2022

G.Orelik had to carry out another surgery – do not fight during the whole season


This year Gediminas Orelius It's probably a darkest career. Even in January, it has suffered a knee injury, which is even more complicated than the usual injury in a cross-injury, the attacker still allows For basketball with no time and he will have to do it for a long time.

Although it was anticipated that G.Orelik would return to the form at the beginning of this term, it had passed just under a month earlier. After it gets high, it will not be able to return to the square through this term.

"We may have gone somewhere because I wanted to recover until the New Year. I was supervised by good experts, well-known people, we did everything according to the plan. But the strap was very timely, the gum was hooked , he started hanging alongside and feeling a pain of physical work.

A month ago, it was for Kaunas to check Dr Guda's leg, he said there was nothing to wait, he would better work out and work again. It has rebuilt me, recovery is taking, but it will not be as complicated as after the first operation, "said basketball player.

Until then, when it came to light that he would take it to work, G.Orelik would appear for one team – SIG Strasbourg. True, he said, the visit took only one and a half hours.

"The doctors looked at me and saw that the foot would not improve within a month and a half. So I went home the same day," said

Meanwhile, with other teams, including Klaipeda's Neptune, everything was limited to talks, which revealed so far that G. Orelikas can not physically help teams.

In basketball world there were speeches about the extra kilograms raised by G. Orelik and the quality of the rehabilitation, which prevented him from returning to parquet earlier, but the basketball player claim that this is not correct.

"How can I do it unprofessional, doing sports with professionals twice a day? Now, it is my intention to continue working until the next season, because it's a shame that this has happened after a good career," he said. Orelikas.

During the last season, the Lithuanian disappeared with Reyer's truly brilliant dresses: in the FIBA ​​Champions League, they dropped 14.2 points in 28 minutes, reiterated 5.2 points, with 3.5 outbound transport and 13.6 points were collected utility.

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