Friday , May 27 2022

From illnesses, Britain died in a mouse in Morocco


The British Health Service has reminded passengers Monday to avoid contacting animals in countries where war is found, especially in Asia and Africa.

Basically in Britain, it's basically devastating, even though it is still spreading among some bats.

"Because of this, there is no danger to the wider public, but healthcare workers and people who are in close contact with them (the patient has been infected) are monitored for precautionary measures, if they need offer a vaccine, "said Mary Ramsay, head of the Immunization & Health Service Unit (Meri Ramsi)

Press agency news agency said the cat had been tipped for a specific man a few weeks ago, while life-saving treatment was not provided on a timely basis.

A disease is a viral disease that causes meningitis. When the symptoms appear first, the disease is no longer being improved.

The British health service has indicated that there were no cases of people who have been infected with the disease, including bats, since 1902.

One person of a bat was infected in 2002 in Scotland and five more people were infected during the 2002 to 2017 trips.

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