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Flu and cold causes in the county of Siauliai – usually in the flu season


The Department of Health of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health states that the causes of flu and cold diseases in the county of Siauliai remain typical for the normal flu season. There are often many colds and outbreaks of flu.

The biggest causes of cold in the city of Šiauliai
Data last week (November 12-18), the indicator of cases of flu and cold increased in Šiauliai county from 38.9 to 45.6 a. / 10 yrs. living The highest frequency remains in Šiauliai, the smallest area in Šiauliai. Cold diseases are mainly children.

Over the course of the week, 1 203 residents of Sir Šiauliai suffered from cold, and 720 were in Siauliai. The most affected children were 72.2%. from all sick. The adult population of the Kelmė area affected by the flu. Flute hospitals were not in the hospitals of Siauliai County.

According to Daiva Kulikauskienė, the chief specialist of the Communicable Disease Department in Russia, the morbidity rate is higher than last year. Compared to the same period last year, this year the number of intakes is slightly higher. In the same period last year, the prevalence of flu and cold illnesses in the County of Šiauliai was 40.0. / 10 yrs. of the population, 7 people affected the flu.

Vaccination is the most effective flu vaccine
NVSC Siauliai Department reminds that the most effective influenza prophylaxis is a vaccine.

After vaccinating with a flu vaccine, immunity is developing after 2 weeks, so it is recommended that the vaccine is recommended before the flu epidemic is started, so that the body can develop a strong enough immunity. According to long-term trends, the flu epidemic in our country usually takes place in January-March, so, right now it's the best time to vaccinate.

Seasonal flu vaccine is recommended to all patients over 6 months of age.

age groups and especially those at risk of flu: pregnant women, aged 65. and for elderly people, people with chronic diseases, people living in social care and nursing organizations and healthcare workers. People who are at risk of flu are reimbursed by the state for seasonal flu vaccine, and others have the opportunity to vaccinate at their own expense. Citizens wishing to get vaccinated should contact their GP.

Prepared by NVAO Šiauliai Department

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