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Finally, photography moves to the palm of the hand – Huawei presented the P30 series


After a period in analogue television, people had plenty of liters and Celtics, Ali and Frazier, Nadal and Federer, today, in computer days, camera, camcorder and phone, smart phone manufacturers are competing for the best technology and technology. easy to use environments.

March 26 On the bright scenery Huawei came – the company edited the P30 and the P30 Pro in Paris.

Focuses on photografure capabilities

Sometimes it is said that the letter "P" for phones in this series means "Photography". One of the areas where Huawei strives to be the best camera camera capabilities is under various lighting conditions.

The giant Chinese technology launches two phone models on the market: the smaller Huawei P30 with 6.1 inches and Huawei Pro P30 with a 6.47 inch diagonal screen. Both are OLED and HD HD +. The phone layout is almost identical – they have a very narrow frame, and the front camera looks like a drop on the screen.

“We want not only photography but professional filming too. Today we overwrite the shooting rules. Our phone is thinner, compact and lighter, P30 Pro weighs only 192 g. In addition, the surface is covered with nine layers of nano paint ”, says Richard Yu, Head of Huawei.

The new P30 Pro includes main camera f MP 1.6 / f, MP 20 wide camera and 5MP 5X periscop camera with hybrid swelling. That's what makes it possible to zoom in, but not to lose image quality. In addition, a unique ToF camera with depth depth will help.

While megapixel competitions have already become public relations "will reach more", but these three cameras will certainly allow this phone to take the first place on the awards platform quickly, and people will enjoy personal photography, natural colors, excellent picture quality at night.

The main 40 MP camera is borrowed by Mate 20 Pro and the second and third is exactly the same as Mate20.

Although the world's most famous photographers are still preparing pictures of games made in games, just because of a fantasy lack that can give the best to the new P30 and P30 Pro, because the phones are not t This, unlike your friend in the frame, is damaging the pictures.

During the presentation, the new phone's zoom capabilities and the shooting were shown in full darkness.

The first with a fingerprint scanner under the screen

Samsung and Huawei is the first to introduce phones with a special hole in the screen to make the personalities as comfortable as possible. However, P30 and P30P do not have these innovations, and they will have to forget the 3D surface scanning technology, Mate 20 Pro.

The front of the two camcorder stick has a 32 MP resolution, which is also used to unlock the phone using 2D Face Sensing.

In addition, the P30 is the first standard advantage with a fingerprint scanner under the same display. So far, every other phone had a scanner of the kind on the front or the back. One idea of ​​such is convenient and appealing to users – time will say.

Five colors are inspired by nature

Kirin 980 processor selection is not surprising for many. The P30 has 6/128 GB of RAM and Pro P30 has 8/128 GB. Of course, this is just the basic option – you can choose to flush your money with combinations 8/256 or 8/512.

The batteries are 3650 mA and 4250 mAh. True, only the P30 Pro can be recharged very quickly (charging 40W fast).

Here are some minor differences: the P30 has a smaller front speaker, headphone jack and is only able to withstand splashing or dipping (IP53 certification). P30 Pro audio emits a screen on the phone, it does not have a headphone connector and has an IP68 resistance certificate, so it can stay in the water for half an hour.

Consumers will be offered a salt lake, sunrise, pearl whites, black, luminous color phones.

Price in Lithuania

Telia announces that the P30 phone with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of inner memory in Lithuania costs 699 euros, and P30 Pro is available in two versions – with 6 GB of internal active memory and 128 GB (899 Eur) or 8 GB of active memory and 256 GB internal memory (999 Eur).

The phone's internal memory can be expanded with a nanoSD card. The phones are available in Crystal Blue, Fluorescent or Black Graphite.

"Design and photography capabilities have always been the distinguishing features of the Huawei P. series smartphones. And while competition in these areas is particularly intense, Huawei has shown that development is not restricted. The biggest impression is night vision and capabilities. filmed the new phones, as well as optical zoom 5x, ”said Justas Matulevičius, Head Telia Telia.

Tele2 announces that their customers will be able to buy new phones tonight from 19.01. in operator salons and online stores.

Journalists traveled to Huawei on the invitation. It does not affect the content of the article.

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