Friday , May 27 2022

Euroleague War for Pao Owner – Fines of almost half a million euros


The Olympiacos pirate club has decided not to bowling to the owner of the Panathinaikos who accused the critics of bribery.

Greece has not only allocated a new 30,000. A fine is placed on it, but again "wins" is terminated in the previous season.

The Independent Disciplinary Committee announced its conclusions, and noted that Mr Giannakopoulos had damaged the global tournament name, basketball and fair sports overall.

He also claims that Pao, who felt unpleasant, has enjoyed a situation where Euroleague is joining well for fines set in the last season.

Instead of being abused, Mr Giannakopoulos will be in 2018-2019. At the beginning of the season, he was astonished again.

Therefore, the Euroleague has announced the resumption of fines for D. Giannakopoulos, which equates to 410,000. euro

So far, it's only a ban on visiting Euroleague games.

The "Panathinaikos" club has also been punished. For the use of the laser in a game with the Piraeus team, it has allocated 2.5 thousand. euro dollar, another 3.5 thousand The euro is punished for the behavior of unstable supporters.

Therefore, accumulated last year's fines and new penalties, D. Giannakopoulos Eurolygai must pay 446,000. euro

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