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Derby accents – “Rytas” and “Žalgiris” prepare Euroleague bullets


Balanced Morning

This will be the capital’s first basketball game after a three-week break, when on November 14 in Utena they defeated a recently defeated Juventus team with the 100: 79 coronavirus.

Four days ago, a photo collage appeared in the Lithuanian Basketball League’s Instagram account, where two newcomers Ryto, who made their first appearance in the national derby, have player Ryan Boatrigh and athletic payer Maurice Ndour.

Unfortunately, the American and Senegalese will have to wait until the first Lithuanian duel.

The first basketball player is being treated for the virus, the second is stuck in Rwanda, where the Senegal team had to play in the qualifiers for the 2022 Africa Cup, but a COVID test- 19 positive Ndour suppression.

Arnas Butkevičius, who suffered a fracture, Rokas Gustys, who suffered shoulder surgery, and Andrew Goudelock, an American who stretched his leg muscles, will certainly not be able to play in Sunday’s match against Žalgiris.

Rotate healthy Morning players
Players Dovis Bičkauskis Augustas Marčiulionis
Offensive defenders Mindaugas Girdžiūnas
Light edges Gytis Radzevičius Lukas Uleckas
Heavy edges Kristjanas Kitsingas
Centers Martynas of Echodas

Only four of these basketball players played in the first Lithuanian “El Clasico” in Vilnius, which earned “Žalgiris” 84:72.

These are Dovis Bičkauskis (13 min.), Mindaugas Girdžiūnas (23 min.), Gytis Radzevičius (19 min.) And Kristjanas Kitsingas (23 min.). Together, they scored 32 points.

During these six weeks, Legionnaires Demetrius Jackson, Chris McCullough were left and Tautvydas Lydeka temporarily visited the “Rytas” team. Obviously, Donald Kairis will have to look for reserves in the backup team.

The Rytas club was going to ask to postpone the match, but LKL saw no reason to do so.

Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min photo / Marek Blaževič did not miss the opportunity to meet Šarūnas Jasikevičius

Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min photo / Marek Blaževič did not miss the opportunity to meet Šarūnas Jasikevičius

Opportunity for Marek

The Lithuanian champions opposed the Barcelona team for a long time on Friday, but eventually had to absorb the sixth consecutive Euroleague loss.

On Sunday, the Žalgiris people will walk on the parquet and get angry after the defeat, and with almost a practical linebacker, only Argentina’s Patricio Garino will not be able to play.

“I feel a little bit bad in this situation. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I feel bad. And it’s a shame,” Barcelona coach Šarūnas Jasikevičius spoke about Marekas Blaževičius, who was marched in Kaunas, at the press conference on the Friday after the victory over Žalgiris.

The appearance of this basketball player on the parquet that may become the biggest accent of the upcoming showdown.

Last summer, an 18-year-old from Vilnius became the first Rytas player in history, for whom Žalgiris became a ransom – as much as 120 thousand. euros. Lithuanian champions transferred 120 thousand to the talented center. an annual contract, but so far it must, with rare exceptions, only be satisfied with training;

M.Blaževičius played only three games in this season’s LKL championship.

If the duel with Juventus Utena was great for him – 13 points in 17 minutes, then the other two games weren’t as good. In total, during the three LKL championship games, the 209 cm tall center collected 7.7 points and 4.3 rebounds.

At the moment, the “Žalgiris” schedule is tight – he played with Barcelona on Friday, he will receive “Rytas” on Sunday, travel to Kėdainiai on Tuesday, and to Athens on Friday.

There is no reason why Marek should not compete against Morning. This basketball player’s game will probably be the most interesting highlight of the upcoming prestigious fight.

It would be the first game of a basketball player who left Vilnius in the summer against his former team.

This could have been the meeting at Siemens Arena, where the former Ryto player was greeted with a whistle, an offensive “Project Clown” poster and three jokes under the basket during the team warm-up.

However, Žalgiris navigator Martin Schiller did not trust the young pupil and did not find time on the pitch.

How will Marek deal with the excitement and what will he be able to show before “Morning”? And what kind of rabbit will the young Augustas Marčiulionis pull out of the hat against Žalgiris at the first meeting?

The game of these young people is the most interesting highlight of the upcoming match.

Photo Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / LKL meets:

Photo Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / LKL meets: “Morning” Vilnius – Kaunas “Žalgiris”

Opportunity for Morning Backups

Injuries and the virus wiped out ‘Donald Kairis’ army, leaving only seven healthy players ready for the fight. This opens the door to Morning backups.

And what can the eyes of the Vilnius team’s head coach be going to?

First of all, he should be rejected by Martynas Pacevičius (age 23), Justas Šukelis (age 23) and Robertas Subotkevičius (age 22). The age limit for these basketball players does not allow them to get double licenses to play at the NKL and LKL championships.

Jakūbas Rubinas, Adas Šimonis and Rokas Jocius appear to have the most opportunities to escape on the parquet floor of Arena Žalgiris on Sunday from Rytas backpacks.

J.Rubinas, an 18-year-old 186 cm tall player with excellent reading performance, is the second Energija NKL Pearl basketball player in terms of performance (15 on average) and usability (16.2 on average), leading in productive passes (6.6 on average).

A.Šimonis is a 19-year-old attacking defender with a fun handle – he hits the 56.4 percent goal. three points. He deducted all 6 long throws for Palanga “Kuršiai”. He scores 12.9 points, rebounds 3.9 and 2.8 assists this season.

Although the 17-year-old 208 cm tall R. Jocius is not yet shining in the NKL championship – he collects 5.3 points and 4.9 rebounds in nearly 16 minutes, but the front line of “Rytas” tenons, where he only Martynas Echodas and estas Kristjanas Kitsingas.

On Saturday, when this article was already finished, Rytas A. Šimonis and R. Jocius registered.

Eight Lithuanians and Estonians. This sounds surreal – we have never seen such a “Morning” fight against “Žalgiris”.'as Ndouras’as Ndouras

Morning tasks?

It would be naive to talk about victory. “Rytas” goes to Kaunas to fight honorably, to charge the tired batteries after COVID-19 and not to lose another part of the base players.

“Žalgiris” would still be a favorite, even if D.Kairys had a full line in its hands, and Kaunas residents now have to strip away their competitors.

What will Rytas think of it? About Tuesday’s important battle against VEF Riga. This will be the third round of the Champions League first round, and after the first two games, the four teams – Rytas, VEF, Athens Peristeri and SIG Strasbourg – will win.

The remaining legionaries of the capital’s club A. Goelelock, R. Boatright and M. Ndour may be able to play in this fight, but we will only find out before the duel.

Photo Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / Paulius Motiejūnas emotions in Euroleague game

Photo Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / Paulius Motiejūnas emotions in Euroleague game

Support from the LKL stands and battles? Žalgiris reserve players and managers from the standings in the fight with Barcelona greatly supported the basketball players on the pitch.

As Martin Schiller and the players after the game spoke, it was one of the highlights of their general meeting that was supposed to push the team forward.

I wonder if this philosophy will be applied in Euroleague games alone, or also in LKL fights?

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