Friday , August 19 2022

D.Sabeckis, who has played the best season of the season, was characterized by a long throw


At an important time in the winning rhythm, the MHW Riesen team (16/16) returned from Ludwigsburg with Donatu Sabecki.

Lithuania club at home after changing fights 102: 98 (32:23, 25:25, 31:21, 14:29) Overcome RASTA Viad (23/9) in fourth place in the tournament table.

This time, D.Skeckis had a great game. In 18 minutes, the defender scored 17 points (4/4 of triplets, threw 5/6 punishments), bounced 5 balls, scored 3 scores, lost the same number of times, broke and fueled fouls and scored 21 performance points.

The Ludwigsburg Club is currently in 8th position.

MHP Riesen: Marcos Knight 21 (3/5 triplets, 7 calls, 8 relationships), Lamont Jones 18, Donatas Sabeckis 17.

RECENT: Austin Hollins 25 (3/10 triplets, 6 recruits), Thomas Joseph Bray (5 second., 13 r.) A Seth Hinrichs (5th row.) After 16.

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