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Cold-bleeding can be a very serious symptom of the disease


"What if seven days after the rush does not stop?" – Alvydas Unikauskas, a professor at the University of Lithuanian Health Sciences, asks "TELEDIGION LRT" "Ask a Doctor". According to a doctor, this could not be expected in hand, this could mean serious health problems, not just allergies or hormonal imbalances.

It is said that there will be a thirst – one that you will treat – will pass seven days later, says the doctor. He says that mucus membranes in the nose are a barrier to viruses. Their color depends on how much we are worried about, it's warning.

Why am I downloading, though I do not cross it?

Orththalmologist-Oto-surgeon Giedrius Gylys, who visits ear diseases, nose and throat Kaunas, says that allergic mucus tends to be transparent. "Stunning mucus membranes are payable but are linked to age imbalance and imbalance, while the green-sweet tend to losing sinusitis," said G. Gilys. According to him, it would be worth worrying about the appearance of blood in the transparent mucus – spelling on an oncological illness or an overseas body in the respiratory tract.

"I would like to remind our audience to continue to keep incredible and unsigned nose signs. As you say, runny nose is not always harmless: there is a huge difference between simple allergic burden and severe sinusitis, but what to talk about oncology. do not be afraid. timely help helps to prevent serious illnesses, "reminiscent A. Unikauskas.

Prepared by Eimantė Juršėnaitė.

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