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Chinese does not give up: Honor has introduced new phones, and Huawei promises to introduce an alternative to Android that has already collapsed t


Starting from Honor smartphones for young people, the company continues to offer fashionable and attractive smartphones with the latest and greatest technical features.

Honor series 20 smartphones have Kirin 980 processor, 6 or 8 GB RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory.

The Honor 20 Pro has an All-View Display 6.26-inch (15.9 cm) with a hole for the front camera. Solution display 1080 x 2340 pixels. The smartphone has the latest Android 9 Pie operating system.

The finger identification sensor moves to the phone side of the back, as in the case of previous Honor phones. In the latest main guide, the fingerprint sensor is already on the screen, so the Honor solution is slightly different.

Honor Introduction 20 Pro

Honor Introduction 20 Pro

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Undoubtedly, the highest standard of accents of Honor phones is the camera. What is famous for the main brand Huawei. The day before its introduction, the DxOmark portal was stunned that the outcome of the Honor 20 phone camera will be revealed at the time of delivery. Independent experts have allocated as many as 111 general evaluations.

The Honor 20 Pro comes with four highly-angled MP post-16 angle camera with f / 2.2 aperture, 48 MP mainframe with f / 1.4 aperture, 8 MP telephoto with f / 2.4 opening and 2 macro camera with opening f / 2.4.

Honor Introduction 20 Pro

Honor Introduction 20 Pro

© Stopkadras / Youtube

This is the first smart with a diaphragm of the type with the highest light transmission.

Manufacturers say that Super Night Mode combines 16 different blows to one, creating a perfect night shot.

Like Huawei, Honor compared the pictures at the time of presentation with the illumination with the iPhone Xs Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Undoubtedly, the result seems to be more attractive to Honor, but at the time of the presentation we missed the examples of pictures taken during the comparison day on the same phones. Not everyone likes taking pictures just at night.

The Honor 20 Pro has a maximum of 30x of swelling too. The intermediate zoom options on this phone are 3x, 5x and 10x. It looks very similar to the latest Huawei P30 series models.

The Honor has 20 Pro 4000 batteries, 20 honor, 3750 MAA. Both models have a fast loading technology of 50 per cent. the battery charges within 30 minutes.

Price 20 Prices at € 599, Honor 20 for € 499, Honor 20 Lite for € 299

Honor 20 Lite

Honor 20 Lite

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New operating system

Although there was no mention of the whole technology news about Google's business interference with Huawei at the launch of the new Honors models, there is news in the overseas press that the Chinese company will launch its operating system this autumn.

Caijing, a Chinese magazine, says that Richard Yu, a technology giant, has mentioned the Huawei operating system. It is expected to be released this autumn and will run on all smart devices of the company. The new operating system will be compatible with all Android programs, says

However, the situation is still unclear. Huawei and Google are said to be discussing and looking for the best solution. Millions of people around the world with phones from a Chinese manufacturer are hoping to continue using Android applications.

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