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Car technology: for security and entertainment


The digital world

"Already a few years ago, when we discussed with the members of the Automobile State Lithuanian Commission, we were discussing whether we were approaching the day when the usual features such as stability, road behavior, the sensitivity of the steering wheel are similar to secondary, and many More about how fast a car is able can connect to the phone, or use it on the Internet, who can use the touch screen at the center and can it give it to #; It's really true, it's growing every year, perhaps that's why this year the commission was so proud of the tests after having a really simple but fun to drive Suzuki models, "said Dina Sergijenko, member of the electoral commission.

She noticed that no-one is questioning such a question about the availability of Bluetooth headphones in the car, since it is invariably in each car. The number of cabinet switches reduces, touch screens are changing, as it is much easier for them to control the control of each system. In modern machines, there are so many features that only have enough space for buttons.

Photo by Vytautas Pilkauskas /

Photo by Vytautas Pilkauskas / "Audi A7"

All 33 cars in the touch screen competition, they are increasing and multiplying – here is the Volkswagen Touareg even having a 15-inch screen. Audi cars have less monitoring, but there are three of them. Also, the I-Pace Jaguar.

Journalists who had lost the weekly "Lithuanian Vehicle" camp at Druskininkai had to try not only, but also get close recognition and to find the mood of each candidate in the title. Information systems and security in some cars require much attention that there is no time to drive.

Experts have reviewed car technology: Matt Buzel, Autoplius Portal Communications Manager, was looking for innovations in new cars, a team of Telia professionals proved car connectivity, and Arūnas Kiaušas, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Continental Export Office in Poland Poland for future trends.

Producers find something new – it's hard

Matas Buzel has appreciated the ergonomic level for Audi. Although smart screens highlight the driver of the road, the Germans have created an extremely user-friendly operating system, and the screens have feedback. Audius Stasiulaitis, Public Relations Manager, experts in the Communications and Communications Technology Giedrius Markūnas Internet and Julius Ūža have also won the highest marks for this German car. All Volkswagen Group cars appreciate, highlighting their connectivity and their ease of use.

Photo by Vytautas Pilkauskas /

Photo by Vytautas Pilkauskas / "Volkswagen Touareg"

"Cars are developing very quickly, they're driving more and better, the quality goes up, the inside screens are growing , but not the innovations that we would not have seen so much. For example, one of the most expensive BMW competitive car X5, does not have anything very innovative in the interior. The Germans were better than that, "said Matas Buzel.

It has still found a number of innovations: here, Hyundai Santa Fe has a system that will inform the driver about the person or animal left in the car so that the parents will not leave them alone.

The British electromobile I-Pace Jaguar is one of the first in the market to offer electrochemical sun that changes its transparency depending on the amount of light. The Mercedes-Benz Class A is surprised by the navigation system, which uses the front camera to show the instructions on the real way shown on the screen. Nissan LEAF introduced the E-Pedal, which allows you to drive a car with only one pedal. The 508 Peugeot is still relatively new and the system has a light night vision but has not translated into the middle class. And here Volkswagen Touareg's ability to dump with a trailer itself.

A.Stasiulaitis was praised for all cars for connectivity, almost all information systems were clear, understandable and comfortable to use, but also discovered anecdotal situations. That's where Honda experts discovered the unclear HDMI connector and the new non-user interface. The Nissan Leaf system graphics were not concerned with technology experts, and the Pro Huawei Mate 20 phone with 6.39 inches screen did not fit into a BMW X2 seamless charging area.

Other entertainment

Automotive technology goes far: as in the phones, drivers are able to fold menu items as necessary, cars by name are opened when opening the door, and with most premium segment models you can talk and ask for a voice to call someone, find a direction.

"For all this, the problem is that there are so many cars today that we have nothing to do with driving. Imagine yourself: if the system is turned into the travel bar, a control system cruising adapted with a stand and mobile function, the car has an emergency braking, a danger warning and other things that do when driving in congestion? Rightly, pull the smart phone and surf the fiesbuke or read the news pages Therefore, it is pleasing to see that, in the light of this trend, that car makers create not only toys, but also provide cars with sound systems, the Internet, gadgets and more, but also install pedestrians, cyclists, animals, stops, monitor driver fatigue, a lane warning and so on systems. I am very pleased that the manufacturers have become aware of the terrible and annoying pest Drivers want to close them constantly and alert danger completely: allow the vibration of the steering wheel, the seat, even the reminder, "- another panel of intelligent technology was reviewed by Commissioner D Sergiyenko.

Experts notice that there will be more screens in the future, fewer buttons. Sometimes the steering wheel disappears, but you have to wait.

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