Friday , May 27 2022

Cancer and prostate: morbidity in Lithuania is increasing, just every fourth man check


November is called Global Bearded (or "Movember"), when men are encouraged to check prostate cancer. The State Patient Fund in the Ministry of Health (VLK), with the invitation of Lithuanian men to participate free of charge in the prostate cancer prevention program, contributes to this initiative together with the Lithuanian Lostard Society (LSPVD) and Barzdai Club.

"Over the ten months of this year, according to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF) budget, the prostate cancer prevention program funded by more than 84,000 people was tested. Men This means that there are 374 thousand Lithuanian men, which can be proven free of charge for prostate cancer according to their age group, is diagnosed with only one in four. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant in men and women in Lithuania and in Europe, and its cases increase every year, so we want to encourage the men not to delay and contact their GP as soon as possible and check their health ", – calls on the Head of Audit and Management Services Department VLK. Oksana Burokiene specialist.

According to her, prostate cancer is a very mallatable disease, as patients do not suffer any symptoms during the early stages of the disease, and when they occur, the disease has already developed and its treatment is becoming more difficult. Finding cancer at an early stage is much easier to improve. So, in order to detect this disease as soon as possible, the illness fund prepares a preventative program for prostate cancer, with only 2.3 million people allocated this year. from the PSDF budget.

Men and women aged 50 to 69 (inclusive) can take part in this preventive program, and if their parents or brothers have a prostate cancer of 45 years old. Also, if the husband is not programming age but he has complaints about his health, he should also contact his / her GP immediately.

"Until recently, it was a pity to talk about the health of men. Now, men are eager to admit that they also need wealth, often friendship, community and, of course, information. They begin to realize that timely health checks or changing their habits save not only health, life, but also the family, "said President of the Barzdai Club Valdas Samkus.

According to VLK experts, men have no reason to fear prostate cancer research. During the test, a blood sample is taken, which shows how much prostate specific antigen (PSA) is in the blood. If within the PSA limits, the patient is healthy, and if it has risen – the GP is sending it to a specialist doctor's advice. Only if the spelller detects the condition to correct the diagnosis, the procedure will be started.

Patient cash registers remind you that there are 4 free cancer prevention programs in Lithuania – prostate, colon cancer, cervical and breastfeeding. Also, the PSDF funds a cardiovascular prevention program.

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