Saturday , January 22 2022

C.Ghosn scheme for Nissan and Renault merger before arrest business


For almost 20 years, Renault and the Nissan League have established a cross-component management structure, which later joined Mitsubishi. Currently, Nissan and the French government manage around 15% Renault shares, while Renault holds 43%. Nissan shares Nissan also manages 34 percent. Mitsubishi Share.

Nissan's Renault has a number of control rights, including the ability to directly influence decisions on top level operators. In the meantime, sharing shares Nissan does not give voice to Japan's voting rights and control over the French partner.

Recently, the French government has asked to align car generation companies closer to maintain the league after Mr Ghosn's departure, which is expected in 2022. But Japan has had some arguments.

The Nissan board has always said that it will be strictly fighting against any reorganization that would set Nissan as a subsidiary, "said one of the sources in The Financial Times.

According to him, Nissan felt that Renault's business was weaker and feared to allow the French company to access liquidity reserves, which was at the end of the first half of the first financial year at 1.2 trillion. yen ($ 10.7 billion).

Given the possibility of a full merger between Renault and Nissan, there was an increasing tension in relation to C.Hoosn with Hirot Saikawa, which replaced him in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer of Nissan, confirmed by people who are close to him. Among other things, Mr Ghosn was not satisfied with the results of the Japanese company, because his profitability and profitability has fallen as the sales growth of the US and China slow down.

In addition, Nissan's reputation has been hit by scandals associated with fraudulent use of quality controls and fuel economy data.

The arrest was also unexpected for the same Spouse, according to The Financial Times sources. He arrived to Japan on Monday to meet the Tokyo governor on Wednesday. When Mr Gosn's plane crashed at the Tokyo airport, journalists were already waiting for an office and prosecutor and journalists from Asahi, the first one who wrote about this scandal.

On Monday, Nissan announced that Mr Ghosn would be released. During the press conference, H. Saikawa drew attention to the negative consequences of the 19-year-old "C. Gosn" regime, and this was surprised by many close Nissan people, as the Japanese were considered to be one of the highest grade loyal leaders of Ghosnan.

C.Ghosn is accused of breaching compulsory reporting requirements, misleading investors and regulators about their salary levels, and misuse and use of Nissan funds.

According to Japanese media, the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office also became interested in the real estate bought in Libanus and Brazil for Nissan money on behalf of C. Ghosn.

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