Thursday , January 20 2022

Beissoul and Egin prepare for his biggest concert in Lithuanian Names


Artists who seem less and more often in their home country are waiting eagerly for a spring concert,

"About two thirds of concerts are held annually in our country, so in April the following year, with all the brilliant news, we will come back along with the birds," the smile smiles.

VIDEO: Beissoul & Emanuel – Innocent Black Coffee (Official Video)

Beissoul and Eminis are filming the latest fiddlers of her third album. It is intended for the audience to arrive in February.

True, the fans of the duet already had the opportunity to find out that the sound of the album was still being done: one "Encouragement of Digital Memory" became an amateur dream coffee hymn, and "Rooftop", which appears On the video clip, still enjoy mystery and elegance.

Beissoul and Ein worked together with the birth of Bob Bassetto's renowned mask to create this video – such creature talents are starred by such stars as Slipknot Metallica, Avril Lavigne a Korn. Bobo Bassett masks were used by even Givenchy fashion pub in presentations of their collections.

One of the biggest hits in this year's Beissoul and Ein was Sziget, one of the largest Sziget music festivals in Hungary. One of the top five is the largest holiday in Europe. At the Lithuanian Duo Festival, there were stars such as Gorillaz, Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Kygo, ZHU, MØ.

VIDEO: Beissoul & Emanuel – Rooftop (Official Video)

"We chose the language of fashion and music – we value more than hundreds of social networking jobs. Fashion and music are those that do not hurt, do not harass, but make you hide, listen, watching, and at the same time, understanding not only us, but also ourselves and such a fierce changing world. This is the essence of our electromode, the mechanism of our communication, "said the dude of Arthur Zhab-Beissoul .

The "Beissoul & Ein" came with an inspirational image, unlimited imagination, art experiments as a model for not just one country artist, fashion art and art art magazine – Vogue, Design Scene, OOBMAG, FGUK Magazine, Forbes " , "MMscene", "Nvrmind" – editors.

Exceptional performances of "Beissoul & Ein" duet in various places have already become a prestigious sign, Lithuanian music artists are often invited to the elite parties.

Their music sounds sound as well as outstanding dedication to excellence in the introduction of high-end brands and innovative technologies in overseas.

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