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Awaiting Lithuanian performer JustINKa called Kim Kardashian: she spoke of fears


About a year ago, the woman had also reported a pregnancy, but this time did not conceal her miscarriage. It was for this reason that he delayed the publication of the message on this occasion.

“I’ve been quiet for so long … I’ve given so many suggestions that I think most of you can predict how special those vacations are waiting for us this year. And especially when information that can be found already leaked online.

After some of the most difficult moments for me to think of myself, according to some commentators, I can finally speak out loud again. Because it’s very hard to hide. Yes, it’s been four months since I’m no longer alone. At every step, I carry a baby who wants to come into the world.

I found out just before a bachelorette party, before one of the biggest holidays of my life. So to celebrate very calmly, the secret to drinking alcohol-free wine. I think the hotels will surprise some now, but most immediately suspected something was wrong.

When I learned we had succeeded again … I immediately felt terrified. And what if the failure happens again? And what if something goes wrong again? What about the salon we were planning to open this year? But everything fell into place. We reserved the salon for the future and went about buying our own home. Because the most important thing right now is that our miracle would come to our home right away to get our cozy nest.

And fear … she passed after the tenth week of pregnancy. Those weeks when I lost a baby very recently. And now I’m happy to wait. If it is sad or wrong, I add my hand to my belly and it becomes calmer, instant peace of mind.

So to all the unlucky mums, I want to say it probably wasn’t meant to be yet, but it will be. The most important thing is to believe and wait for that miracle to visit you. Be baked fresh or just mum again.

With love and expectation, Justina, ”a famous woman wrote on Facebook.

Justina is bringing up a 9 year old son from a previous relationship.

Artist Vytenis’ wife posted the message by sharing a Christmas photo of the whole family.

“Merry Christmas is a time of miracles … And we, the people who are waiting for a miracle. Let the festive waiting period be cozy, bright for everyone … A great time to care for your loved ones, family. Visit grandparents and do good deeds. Have you already got a list of good works? We’re filling it up a little. Be healthy and happy, Have a nice weekend, “Vytenis wrote on Facebook.

Vytenis and Justina got married on Oct. 3 at the seaside. After the ceremony, Justina chose the man’s last name and became Partike.

The wedding ceremony was held at one of the hotels in Melnrage, where the bridegroom greeted the bride very excitedly – with a song. “I won’t hide my expectation of the song. I suspected. But that moment was very sensitive … “, Justina told Delfi.

After an exciting ceremony, the couple prepared for a photo shoot for the youngsters, and then a celebration awaited them both. “We decided to take pictures by the sea. Of course, there was no weather today, but what you do is important to be in a good mood,” said the woman. – I’m glad you I had missed the stress of planning a wedding, since the team sorted everything out, I didn’t have to do anything other than take the dress, hairstyle and make-up. he went to the ceremony, was excited and turned on his stomach. “

For the celebration, the couple rented a home to which they drove a unique retro car. “Even before going to the party, the chef informed us that a very cheerful company of relatives and friends were waiting for us. We hadn’t arrived yet, and they were already dancing. I’m very happy because nothing but the closest and most dear guests we invited.As a result, certainly not many -.

However, as I say, these are the people who are always around and around. Those who, whether the plates fly in their two homes or love each other greatly, never condemn us, always support us and rejoice in us. We appreciate the fact that they came to our celebration from every corner of Lithuania, ”the young man was happy.

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