Monday , January 17 2022

At the #FashionInTheMaking event, Artūras Zabas-Beissoul showed an incredible fashion to remember and remember the way to Vogue


Artūras Žabas-Beissoul is astonished not only with music, but also with an outstanding image. Love to music and fashion led to combining two creative phenomena in one, Electrofashion – a combination of fashion, music and self-realization – a fashion that speaks music, music that's a fashionable talk – so the performer can describe & # 39; r this keyword.

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

The performer says that he is always an individual individual, and that the path to the creative world was not easy. His stage clothes are often a shock, and in group and photo sessions, it is often possible to see the texture, non-standard decisions, deep reflections, or even allegations to death: "I am trying not to do what is not interesting, what's important is that it can not be seen and it is not inaccurate to me, so scenic clothing is often the viewer I'm shocked. I create and perform my own clothes, all the costumes are made from complex materials, they often do not exist and are intended to be built – these are mechanisms complex, fantasy and seamless avant-garde. The clothes are my second skin, and I express my fame and message to the world. "

He asked how, along with another member of the group, Einium, to get the first to make a place for the grand Vogue, Arthur Zub-Beissoul says he always tends to realize his dreams , so it was an experiment and agreement that they would be able to reach. The famous magazine pages of Vogue: "We promised to achieve this goal within half a year, and we succeeded. We had friendship and began to communicate with people from foreign countries, organized shooting group photo in Ukraine and noticed us.

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul and Marya Palaikytė / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul and Marya Palaikytė / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

The photo session was avant-garde, as Vogue gave priority to individuality and exclusion, they wanted to publish it immediately. We were not the first musicians that came there – then we realized that everything was possible. Just to know how to define boundaries, to have a clear goal and to learn how to say something, it's necessary.

The next artist's plans and mission is to host a band concert on April 27 in Siemens Arena, not only with new work, but also with avant-garde, sophisticated design costumes. According to the artist, it is always important for the band to renew and re-cook every time.

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