Sunday , April 11 2021

Apple has reduced the production of the new iPhone

The demand for new iPhone phones was lower than expected and Apple's decision to release more different models did not allow the company to easily predict how much parts needed for the company, said Wall Street Journal.

A few weeks ago Apple stimulated investors, predicting lower sales figures than expected for the fourth quarter this year. This has triggered some Apple vendors to circulate warnings that show the potential weak sales of the new iPhone models.

The prospects were extremely bad for the iPhone XR model. Apple has dropped the phone production plan for this model by almost a third of the $ 70 million previously ordered. phones, says Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, last week Apple told several sellers of lower orders for the production of XR iPhone parts.

Apple has launched the next generation of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max phones in September, while Apple's latest iPhone-XR phone sales are in October.

Apple representatives did not respond to a request to comment on Wall Street Journal.

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