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After a 15min announcement – "Klaipėdos nafta" is studying possibly the conflicts of interest M.Jusius Business


The chairman of the Klaipedos Nafta board Giedrius Dusevičius told the BNS that the company manager should avoid situations that raise issues to the public. According to him, the Board will discuss the matter in the near future.

He wrote that the head of the strategic company, M.Jusius, is still the chairman of the private company, and the company is winning a competition where his father, Valdas Jusius, works as a deputy director.

Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas asked Klaipėda Petroleum to provide information on the public procurement that Atea earns. The ministry also sent a VPT assessment.

"In good governance initiatives, when installing" napta Klaipedos "as such, issues related to cultural issues should be released by the manager, so that buyers would not buy, the starters or the purchasing commission is going to address the companies declared to be of interest. Formally, legally, we may not be called a crime, but if we are talking good governance, moral attitudes, those cultural topics should fall from the guide to avoid such suspicions or negative evaluations, because the society and the environment evaluate Things are in a very negative way "- said BNS, VPN manager, Diana Vilytė.

Irmantas Gelūnas / 15 minutes nuotr / Diana Vilytė

Irmantas Gelūnas / 15 minutes nuotr / Diana Vilytė

"The spread of a dilemma, the ban organization, which operates in the country, should not be paperwork, and I declare it, and my mission is over." It's probably not enough for this, "he added.

According to D. Vilytė, in the system of public service contracts, the M.Jusus conclusion led to the "Klaipeda Oil Head" to the conclusion of 4 agreements with Atea last year and this year. The highest values ​​- about 17 thousand. He won the 6 company competition, but Atea made the offer only, and was drafted by the father, Yasius, Valdas Jusius.

"The sale of low value purchases does not mean that the contracting authority can appeal to whatever it wants. We talk about easier trust and procurement, but it is also a commitment that there are control mechanisms inside that of the things that the head says – I can have a conflict of interest, and I ask you to take preventative action to prevent them happening, "said D. Vilyte

Giedrius Dusevičius, chairman of the board Klaipėdos Nafta, said he believed that the head of a state-owned enterprise should avoid situations that raise the public's questions.

"I am convinced that all the procedures have been followed and no one has been defiled, but the way it is interpreted has attracted attention and such situations should be avoided," said G. Dusevičius, and BNS.

"I have no doubt that the situation does not meet all the requirements of the law, but in terms of good governance, the leader should take a more responsible look and avoid such contacts in general "As he went to work for this situation, he had to assess the subject and he must say that and warn the board," he added.

According to G. Dusevičius, he was not aware of his / her relationship and Atea as CEO of M. Jusu.

"I did not know such things, I did not know in advance. We did not review and evaluate this topic when hiring, but we insisted that it all complied with procedures provided by law and that there is no basis for conflicts of interest, "said G. Dusevičius, the BNS.

He announced that the company's contract problem with Atea will be discussed in the Board in the near future. According to him, the company was asked to provide information to the board.

Mr Jusius BNS has confirmed that he has publicly stated that his father works in Atea. He also argued about the portal, due to family circumstances that he had little contact with his father.

"Unique. It was declared from the beginning and it (the connection with Atea's parent of work – BNS) has assessed as a risk of conflicts of interest. it was evaluated, declared and decided not to be in danger, "said M. Jusius, the BNS.

"In my statement, this fact is referred to as 2008, then I applied to members of the Audit Committee. All this information has transcribed & # 39; always always in all the statements, all kinds of conflicts of interest are possible Every time this thing has been published publicly and openly, "- said M. Jusius.

According to him, this information was given to the Main Administration Ethics Commission (STEC) and to Klaipedos Nafta.

"O the moment that I needed the Chief Ethics Commissioner, I may, as a member of the Board, have made such statements. According to rules & # 39; the company has a compulsory statement of interests and I remember, I have been performing regularly since the Audit Committee, once this year this information is provided ", – explained M. Jusius.

He also emphasized that he had nothing to do with the purchase of "Klaipeda Oil" gained by Atea.

"I did not even know about them because the team that is working is a procurement commission. I do not know that information," said M. Jusius.

Energy Minister Aurelija Vernickaitė, BNS, said "Klaipėdos nafta" was asked to provide information on public procurement. She also believed that Ž. Vaičiūnas was not aware of potential conflicts of interest in the appointment of Mr M. Jusius, the head of the company.

15 minute portal He wrote on Thursday that Mr Jusius's father, V. Jusius, is the Deputy Director of Atea.

According to VPN data, "Napta Klaipedos" from Atea last year and this year procurement servers stations for almost 28 thousand. Euro, and wholly, from 2015 to 2018, it was 256,000. euro value orders. In addition, the company "AIT Group" EIT Solutions has received another 18,500 this year. euro orders "Klaipedos Nafta".

According to "Klaipedos Nafta", purchases of Atea and EIT Solutions in 2017-2018, compared to previous years, have fallen, and equate to some 0.1 percent. from every purchase.

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