Tuesday , July 5 2022

A quiet game is extended for another year


The citizens will be able to take part in the Kvit games for another year, and winners of the weekly and monthly awards will be announced by the TV "Lietuvos ryto", according to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI). As before, news of the admission recorded by lucky people will be broadcast every Tuesday in a special television report that the public will see after the release of the Reporter.

Nearly a year after the start of the Kvit game, the number of registered receipts is up to 2 million, and only in the catering sector, taking into account the total tax growth for the country's value (VAT) and compared to the same period last year, the additional budget was declared around 3 million. EUR TAW.

"We see that residents are ready to register for receipts received from their services or goods bought on the markets and try their luck – we have already announced more than 500 happy receipts. The enterprise is also being supported by traders ready to issue receipts, and sometimes even confidently reminded the continuous Kvit game. For this reason, it was decided to continue with the Kvit game – it will take another year. we are discussing other measures that would encourage residents to continue to participate in the Kvit game and receive financial prizes, "said Rolandas Puncevičius, Project Manager of the STI Kit Games,

A short SMS informs winners of weekly and monthly awards, sent by the mobile number indicated in the registration.

With the publication of 490 weekly winners and 11 months, the prize pond for cricket games distributed reach almost 150,000. euro According to the latest data, the winner of the 5,000 euro prize in October has already reached to withdraw its award. The lucky ticket was announced at Market Ukmerge where the food award winner bought for EUR 23.3.

The STI states that reports on the winners of the Kvit game will be broadcast on Lithuanian Radio on 13th November. It is noted that after the contract expires the creation of information reports and the broadcasting service that has been in force so far, the new winner of the public procurement contract announced – the agreement between STI and television Lietuvos Rytas has been signed. November 9

Participants in the game are reminded that rewards will be re-used within the 20 day period provided for in the game rules, and only fiscal receipts can be registered in the game. At the bottom of this receipt there is a financial logo that includes the LTF combination of three letters. Examples of receiving cash registers and all relevant information related to the Kvite game are available at kvītszaidimas.vmi.lt.

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