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A man who sits in the pencil of the defendants tried to surprise his beloved: 10 years in prison


The story of a man sitting on the defendants' pinnacle began at the end of 2016, although the sentence in the criminal case was only in the second half of 2018. So far, her husband has been restricted by freedom. At the end of the summer of 2018, the judge declared that the husband had been deprived of his freedom for two years of 23 hours. Until 6 pm I went home. There is also an obligation to work 200 hours in healthcare or care establishments.

Her boyfriend wanted to buy a romantic gift

A man sitting on the court bench, at the end of 2016, said he was looking for gifts for his online girlfriend. After consulting a relationship, he decided to buy a salt bath.

The gifts were searched online and its roundabout was stunned as it was a special offer advertised on the Facebook network. Indeed, the proposal was written in English, therefore, without sufficient knowledge of English, the Lithuanian proposal was translated with the help of an online translator.

The man who was offered an attractive offer did not transfer 66 euros and were happy to find a gift.

As the feast approached, the man did not receive a presentation. The notification about the transportation pass or warning to withdraw the parcel is not. However, the man himself was not looking for a company that paid more than sixty euros and decided to buy another gift for his lover when he decided that the loads would not be accepted.

He wanted to surprise, although he had forgotten what to do

The man said and looking for online gifts in court that he was working on a very tight timetable at the time, so there was no time to walk around the shops.

The man assured me that buying the internet was the right way for him. Especially as he chooses to pick up the parcel at the post office. The reason that the girlfriend would not see the load and it would not be ruined and surprising.

Social Photo

Social Photo

However, the man himself said he did not know what the surprise would be, because he thought he had not ordered the size of the pack he ordered online. His weight was only 5 grams, and the man said that "he expected the size by price", so he did not come into the size of the package he bought.

By the way, the man in court said he even paid 66 euros without seeing the package. Only one piece of advertised item selected, giving it with "special offer" and paying the money.

He described the sentenced person as romantic and caring

He described the woman who made the convicted man to buy his baby's bath salt as responsible, diligent, caring, friendly, lightweight. According to the girl, her beloved constantly makes sorpresas: candies, flowers, journeys to Lithuanian destinations, perfume, jewelery, even bathing salts.

The girl also noted during the celebration, when her husband wanted to be surprised with her gift, she had received a much more valuable gift – a luxury perfume and a engagement ring.

According to the girls, they often shop online with a friend. Especially if you get good bargains.

A relative who was advised to look for a bath salt love was positive about the person sentenced. She said she had told her not to save – cheap products can cause skin problems.

The remains of crime have disappeared

A lawyer who tried in court said that advertising on social networks or other websites could lead to grazing history. For example, if a person reads or drives garden furniture on a computer or a phone, he may notice his advertise later when grazing.



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However, the crime story of the computer had sentenced had gone. The officers who took his device found that the operating system had been updated soon after the purchase. Some of the previous actions have been restored by officers, but not all. No purchase history was found.

Officers noted that there was an opportunity for the operating system to be updated automatically rather than the will of the conviction.

The excuses of the court were not convinced

The conviction claimed that he had indicated the wrong address without having to ruin the unexpected. He believed that, if he had given an incorrect address, that the parcel would be in the post office and that he would be taken back after receiving the message, but that was the judge's details.

The explanations that did not know what goods they bought were confirmed by the court in a defensive version, which is conflicted by the circumstances. One of them hides the exact location of the home.

The court asked the convictions that she hoped online for a cheaper bath. The 66-year-old man paid a surprise to his love, but he did not have interest in the numbers of goods or the price of such goods in supermarkets.

There was a case under two Criminal Code articles

The man was prosecuted in accordance with two articles of the Criminal Code – he was responsible for smuggling (because the parcel had crossed the Republic of Lithuania border) and possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

The court found that the man was guilty, but he did not set the most serious penalty. The conclusion stated that "the criminal acts of the accused are determined by malicious intent to break the law, but through a lawful approach to the law that prohibits actions and ignores the execution of actions of & # 39; kind ".

The court also considered the fact that the man had not previously convicted, worked, very young.

The freedom of man over two years is limited to 23 hours. Until 6 pm I went home. There is also an obligation to work 200 hours in healthcare or care establishments.

Received substances that promote abusive and can even cause coma

The Department of Psychoactive Substances in the Department of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Control indicates that human-bought drugs are aggressive, harassment, insomnia, hypothetics and even panic.

If there is an overdose, the effects of such stimulants may be irreversible: seizures, stroke or heart failure can occur, increase pulse, increase the temperature in the body, coma may be happen.

Drainage to drugs

Drainage to drugs

People with a strong addictive substance may experience psychosis, mental and physical impairment, paranoia, anxiety and weight loss. Evaporation and aggression attacks can occur.

The incredible jargon of the "magic crystals" material is called.

Want to facilitate the penalty for a little smuggling

The man sat for the procurement and transport of narcotics in the defendant's pencil. And although their content was only 5 grams, there is no provision under current legislation for more heavy penalties for small-scale smuggling.

I've been punished from 3 to 10 years in prison for smuggling. For the disposal of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances – fine or arrest, or imprisonment for up to two years.

In recent years, drug smuggling figures have increased by as much as 30 percent. – Most cases are caused by small amounts of narcotic or psychotropic substances purchased online. Buyers, and guilty later, are usually very young.

Based on these insights, Mykolas Majauskas, a member of the Seimas, Lithuanian member of the Lithuanian Household Democrats (TS-LKD) member, seeks to reduce a penalty for smuggling on a small scale.

"The Criminal Code does not distinguish the responsibility for smuggling and in all cases it provides the deprivation of real freedom between three and ten years. Such a penalty was set and targeted to transport a large number of drugs across the border, with the goal of spreading a very little online mail phenomenon.This results in inadequate consequences for young people who have slipped, exacerbating the lives of people who & Seriously ill and unnecessarily imposed on law enforcement officers who can not focus on organized crime, organized, "said M. Majauskas, member of the TS-LKD Group.

Mr Majauskas, a Member of Seimas, stated that some of the penalties imposed now appear paradoxically.

Mykolas Majauskas

Mykolas Majauskas

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"For almost half a kilogram of cannabis, you can be fined, arrested or imprisoned for up to two years. Meanwhile, three to ten years of imprisonment are under threat of downloading a little cannabis oil for medical purposes or which is turned over the Internet. This penalty has been classified as a serious offense, which can not be postponed even in special cases. It sometimes drives people's difficult lives – restricts the possibilities of procuring the desirable education, getting the right job, planning the future in the public service or just visiting other countries, "said Seimas member.

It argues that the penalty for buying small amounts of drugs for personal use on the internet should be close to the penalty for buying the same amount on the street. "This would help not only protect the slip of inadequate criminal liability, but also save a lot of time and money for the whole law enforcement system," said Majauskas. – The courts could apply for a criminal order and deal with such cases within seven days without turning to the participants. In special cases, for example, in the case of an oncological disease and for medical purposes, it would be possible for the courts to exclude the deferral of criminal liability under the law or penalty. "

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