Wednesday , July 6 2022

A man who had been an incredible assault revealed how he was killed by a riot footballer


The enthusiastic crime was spoken by Brazil, during the fierce operation of Daniel Correa Freitas's footballer.

Athlete was killed in the 18th birthday of a girl.

It was found that a 24-year-old football had died in Parana, in southeastern Brazil.

It is said to have been assumed with operation: severe injuries in the neck.

Edison Brittess Junior, 38, who was killed by a football player, admitted that he was guilty and claimed that he had done that because D.Freitas had raped his wife Cristian Brittes.

Following the Kraupi death, Brazil later explained in the television series in detail what happened in the reliable night.

"The party had already won momentum, when I realized that I had not seen my wife Cristiana for a long time. I went to bed, but the doors had locked. I did not want to wait for the door, and I saw Daniell and my wife who asked for help in the bed naked in bed.

I was deadly dead. Along with friends in the party, we dragged it back to the car in the field. Here, I got a knife that I built with my wife rapeing a man to death. I was very angry, at that time I can not do anything myself, "- said a murderer.

Along with friends, he had a dead body from a football player near the river, where police officers are looking for the main instrument of dirty crimes.

The Brazilian civil police arrested E.B.Junior, as well as a wife and a holy birthday daughter. It is alleged that police officers investigating the incident are still evidence that the woman is being raped during the party.

Daniel Correa Freitas, a Sao Paulo club, was lucky this season in Sao Bento, the most renowned Brazilian style composer.

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