Sunday , October 2 2022

Your sexual activity is less than 60% .. You have the answer


Patients with rheumatoid fever need to consider many things that the ordinary person does not pay attention, such as intimidation, because asthma can disrupt the patient's sexual activity by as much as 60%.

Asthma is a cause of concern and anxiety, which prevents some patients from having sexual intercourse. Some can experience symptoms four to six hours after the start of sex, but this can be improved by taking drugs before exercising. Symptoms, this can be a sign of the disease's departure from control, and the need to intensify treatment.

The effect of asthma on sexuality is not restricted to men, but it may cause some additional sensitivity to semen for some women, which prevent and prevent sexual intercourse.

There are some things you should know about the life of asthma disease, including:

– The crisis is unpredictable and may sometimes be embarrassing.

– The crisis causes the patient to experience depression from time to time, being a person that is not full of oxygen.

– The crisis can affect sexual pleasure, it affects the strength of the body in general.

– Asthma can not get out of the house without the injector and if traveling, there must be a small inhaler, as well as the bag of medicines.

– You should consider the cleanliness of the house more and change the leaflets and blankets every day if there is an asthma patient.

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