Saturday , October 1 2022

You are not Mohammed Youssef to receive work as a coach in Zamalek


Tarek Yahia, Petrojet resignation coach, said the results managed the survival of any coach.

"I was adopting a project to create a new team with limited possibilities, with just 800,000 pounds, which forced us to sign players that did not participate with their clubs or excellent league players," he said. Free contract players "

"I will see what I will offer but I will not be back to Zamalek as a technical director and I will not be working again in any jobs other than technical leadership because my students have become trained," said Tarek Yahya.

He asked Mohammed Yousuf to return to work as a coach after being a technical director, Tarek Yahya said: "My situation is different from Mohamed Youssef, who was a coach after being a technical manager because he was in the He's a coach with Manuel Jose and Hussam Badri. "

For his opinion on the final Yahya Rades he pointed out that Esperance will not win on Ahli only if it is bad and not in his day with the recognition that the Egyptian hero will suffer many absences.

"I need to be careful about the punishments that Esperance will try to get under pressure and public and sympathy with the referee. I believe that Marwan Mohsen is & # The best to succeed Walid Azaro with Salah Mohsen comes in the second half. "

"Marwan is the best because he will bear the physical strength that comes from Esperance players and he will be good at hitting the ball off the cross, which will be Ahli's weapons.

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