Tuesday , August 16 2022

With the new Zenchat app, chat and tasks in one place


With the new Zenchat app, chat and tasks in one place

A follow-up to everything new and important in the applications world, with us today for one of the new applications called Zenchat, provided the application is currently available for the Android campaign, and we can define it as an application that combines the chat feature with the task feature, so that it can be During that time interconnecting with others is quite easy.

And with this app idea, it motivates us by saying that instead of keeping two apps open when switching back and forth, you can chat while creating to-do lists that everyone interested can see, and most importantly, tasks can be assigned to specific participants, and it doesn’t stop there, so that Task reminders are set.

So, with the Zenchat app there will be more time within the workflow, more motivation and engagement with team members, and most importantly, your knowledge is more valuable by talking about tasks with an overview and a better understanding of what is happening. In conclusion, the Zenchat app is available. It’s free to download and with no ads or even in-store purchases.

Download the Zenchat app on Android.

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